The most popular appliance brand among netizens is Xiaomi

Since the opening of the flagship store in Xiaomi ’s home in Hong Kong, Hong Kong people ’s acceptance of Xiaomi ’s home appliances has gradually become more open, and its price-performance ratio has attracted many ordinary people to become loyal fans. . The editor here integrates 5 meters of electric power, so if you want to start a home appliance with good performance and economical price, don't miss the following!

Although Xiaomi ’s home has a flagship store in Hong Kong, many home appliances are not available in stores. The most complete home appliance style is definitely Taobao. Coincidentally, there will be a large-scale promotional event on Taobao, and the product price will be reduced by as much as 50%. If you want to buy Xiaomi home appliances at the best price, you need to seize the opportunity!


1. Xiaomi automatic sensor washing mobile phone

Since the outbreak of New Coronary Pneumonia (COVID-19), "hand washing frequently" has become an indispensable part of people's lives. Many people also took the opportunity to start this household automatic sensor washing mobile phone, making hand washing habits more convenient and health.

The use method of automatic induction mobile phone washing is simple, just pour the liquid soap into the mobile phone washing container. The mobile phone washing uses infrared induction, and the induction time can be squeezed out in 0.25 seconds. The non-contact mobile phone washing can avoid the pollution of the second contact when washing hands , and the volume of the mobile phone washing is light, which is suitable for being placed in the bathroom at home.

2. Xiaomi straight white negative ion hair dryer

Speaking of the hair dryer, many people think of the LV-Dyson hair dryer in the hair dryer industry, but recently many netizens compared the negative ion hair dryer produced by Xiaomi with the Dyson HD03, and the result unexpectedly made Xiaomi's hair dryer burst into red, and the degree of discussion was close to Dyson!

Xiaomi's straight-white negative ion hair dryer has a stylish design, and the mouthpiece is designed with a magnet adsorption, and its peach-shaped appearance definitely attracts many girls' hearts. Straight hair dryer has the function of hair care, output high concentration of negative ions, tighten hair scales, smooth frizz, reduce split ends, make hair smooth. Hair salon-level high-volume air blows hair extremely quickly. Netizens have measured that short hair can be dried in 3-5 minutes, while long hair with large hair volume can be dried in 10 minutes. At the same time, it also has 3 levels of wind temperature, hot air quick drying, warm wind hair care, cold wind setting. In addition, the "noise reduction" design of the fan is actually measured by netizens, and the noise generated is similar to that of Dyson.

The official price of Dyson Supersonic ™ hair dryer HD03 is HK $ 3,380, while the Xiaomi straight white hair dryer is only ¥ 179, which is only about 1/17 of Dyson's price. The performance of Xiaomi's straight air blower is already close to Dyson, but the price is much more economical. It can definitely become the best alternative to Dyson blower.

3. Millet floor fan

The upright fan is bulky and generally difficult to place in a room, but it is much more suitable if it is used in the living room. Xiaomi floor standing fan is suitable for the living room of ordinary families. The air supply distance is up to 14 meters and the range is 120 °. If you don't want to turn on the air conditioner in summer, using an upright electric fan is enough to cool the indoor air.

The millet floor fan has a voice function, which can be controlled by voice, and can also be connected to the mobile APP for remote control. The common fan blades on weekdays are generally three-leaf, but the millet fan uses a 7-blade design, which creates a soft wind like natural wind, reducing the impact of strong winds on the face, and it is softer when used. Comfortable. Controlled by the mobile phone APP, the fan's wind speed can be completely adjusted within 100 values, and there are four choices for the fan swing.

In addition, the motor compartment of the fan is fully enclosed. In addition to preventing dust from entering the fan, the noise generated during use is lower, and it will not be disturbed no matter when sleeping, resting or watching movies. This price can buy a silent fan with 7-blade wide-angle air supply, which is very cost-effective.

4. Xiaomi wireless vacuum cleaner 1C

In addition to the fan, Xiaomi's wireless vacuum cleaners are often used by netizens to compare with Dyson. They even recommend Xiaomi's 1C wireless vacuum cleaner as an economical alternative to Dyson V11. The pure white shape design is simple and made of lightweight plastic. Although there is no real-time report on the LCD screen, the appearance design of Xiaomi 1C alone is not rude to Dyson's opponent.

The Xiaomi vacuum cleaner 1C is also equipped with a dust mite removal function. As long as it is replaced with an electric mite dust removal brush head, it can use its strong suction power to effectively absorb dust mites, pollen and dander on furniture such as bedding and sofas.

In recent years, more and more people have chosen to start with a wireless vacuum cleaner or use a vacuum robot to directly replace the manual cleaning. Traditional vacuum cleaners occupy more space and have a narrow range of activities. It is also difficult to clean the gaps in the home, so they are gradually being eliminated.

If you want to start with a wireless vacuum cleaner but the budget is limited, you may wish to try the Xiaomi product. The 1C function and shape of the Xiaomi wireless vacuum cleaner are comparable to Dyson's wireless vacuum cleaner. The most attractive thing is its extremely high cost performance. The price is only about six points of Dyson one!

5. Xiaomi sweeping robot

If you often go out on weekdays and do n’t have time to clean, the sweeping robot can definitely help. The design of the Xiaomi sweeping robot is very intelligent and user-friendly. The functions that can be adjusted by the mobile phone APP are very diverse.

After cleaning the home, the robot will intelligently identify the room and automatically partition the space. After the machine stores the data, you can see the floor plan of the home on the mobile phone APP. The user can name, merge, divide, or clean the area by himself. If there is an area that you do not want to be cleaned by the robot, you can also set up a "forbidden area". When cleaning the robot, it will automatically bypass to avoid the area. In addition to being remotely operable on the mobile APP, it also has voice control functions.

And even if people are not at home through the mobile APP, they can follow up the cleaning situation through the real-time monitoring function, or immediately assign the cleaning work for a specific area. The sweeping robot has a strong suction power of 2500Pa, which can easily absorb dust and debris. The only inconvenience is not being able to clean the small gaps in the corners of the walls of the home, but it is enough to meet the basic daily needs.