iPhone 12 will launch dual version this year? It is rumored that Apple's new machine cannot fully support 5G network?

It ’s normal for Apple to release two or three iPhones a year. Many people are still thinking about whether to buy a new iPhone se 2020. There are rumors that the iPhone 12 will be launched in September. 4 lenses, 5G, Touch ID and new colors are common practices, but the latest foreign media pointed out that a new iPhone 12 news is a bit stunned.

iPhone 12

According to Cult of Mac, a foreign technology website, Apple ’s rumored news that the iPhone 12, which will be released this year, will have 5G network capabilities, but it will not fully support the 5G frequency band, so-called mmWave (millimeter wave) and sub-6GHz. Apple will According to different markets, two versions of iPhone 12 are launched. Simply put, a mobile phone will not support the above two formats at the same time, which will prevent iPhone 12 users from using 5G networks in certain countries / regions.

Hong Kong's current 5G network is mainly based on sub-6GHz, but many people say that mmWave is the real 5G. Because of its better network coverage and penetration capabilities, the transmission speed is limited and it cannot reach the highest speed. Sub-6GHz can reach 5Gbps, but the penetration ability is not good, and there is still no technically coexisting solution between the two for a long time. If the news of Cult of Mac is true, the users of iPhone 12 can only "snack food". In fact, the iPhone of the old era also has versions with different frequency bands according to the region, so in addition to SIM LOOK, there will be a parallel importer. With regard to the Internet access situation in Hong Kong, as far as the current 5G network settings are concerned, it is not impossible for Apple to reapply its old skills to launch different versions of the iPhone 12.

In addition, Taiwan ’s “Economic Daily News” reported earlier that a new generation of 5G iPhones may introduce ultrasonic screen fingerprint recognition technology, which will use full-screen Touch ID, and OLED display company BOE has also become a partner, making the rumor more credible .


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