Google Meet video conferencing is open to individual users for free for a limited time. Do not use Zoom again

Google Meet video conference is free! In response to the new coronary pneumonia, many friends choose Work From Home to work at home, and the demand for video conferencing naturally increases. The anti-epidemic has not been successful, Google Meet is free for individual users to use, and everyone will continue to WFH without problems!

Since the outbreak of New Coronary Pneumonia (formerly known as Wuhan Pneumonia), many SMEs and their employees in Hong Kong have chosen Work From Home to fight against the epidemic, using video conferences instead of the usual routine meetings. Although many companies have chosen Zoom as a tool for video conferencing because of their greed for free, after the crisis of leaking leaks, everyone is looking for alternatives to other apps, including the powerful and very reliable Google Meet, which will Will be open to individual users to use for free.

Google Meet video

Google has officially released the advanced features of Google Meet Enterprise Edition to all G Suite and G Suite Education users for free, and officially announced that it will provide free Google Meet services for Google users for a limited time. Google personal users can hold video conferences for free through Google Meet web version, Android and iOS versions, and can allow up to 100 people to participate at the same time. Users only need to schedule meetings through the Google Meet app or through Google Calendar, they can invite colleagues, friends or share meeting links to invite others to join the video conference, and the video conference will not have the previous 60-minute limit.


In addition, in order to cooperate with Google Meet's free limited time service, Google will also launch a new G Suite Essentials, so that non-G Suite customers can also try the advanced features of Google Meet, such as participating in video conferences by phone number, supporting large meetings, conference Recording function, etc. As a video conferencing tool, users can use G Suite Essentials to perform basic collaboration functions, such as sharing files with Google Drive; sharing screens and windows with friends at the conference; supporting multi-person real-time collaboration of Google documents, spreadsheets, and presentations .

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In addition, all G Suite and G Suite Education users can use the advanced features of Google Meet Enterprise Edition free of charge from time to time, including holding a large meeting of up to 250 people, supporting live broadcast of 100,000 people under the same domain name, and recording the content of the meeting And upload to Google Drive for sharing, etc.

Individual users only need to register with free Gmail to use the Google Meet video conferencing service. Google Meet personal video conferencing, G Suite and G Suite Education Edition free use of the enterprise version function, also from now until September 30, 2020 for free use for a limited time; of which individual users use the Google Meet function, you need to register through the following link, Google Registered users will be notified first when they are officially launched in the future.