Intelligent conversational bots on WhatsAppBusiness use shared

Intelligent conversational bots on WhatsAppBusiness use shared
During the Euro 2020 World Cup, Coca-Cola, one of the FMCG brands, was one of the official online advertisers of the European Cup and realized a grand interactive exchange with customers in a novel way. By submitting a random number on the Coca-Cola cork according to , customers could interact with the famous brand to participate in a rebate campaign and receive a gift. It was a great way to get brand exposure and interact with customers. WhatsAppbusiness is equipped with a dialogue bot that not only serves as a window to serve customers more strongly, but also creates a lot of business opportunities for famous brands.

How to equip a conversation bot on WhatsApp
The company must first have a WhatsAppBusinessAPI account, which is a user service that can push template messages, connect to conversational bots, etc., while enjoying value-added services from the service provider.

There are 2 ways of messages on top of WhatsAppBusiness, one is a conversation message that is carried out automatically by the customer and the other is a template message carried out by the company. When a user is actively engaged in a conversation on WhatsApp, a 24-hour online customer service conversation dialog box opens and is automatically updated for a 24-hour latency period each time a message is passed out by a customer. During the conversation window, companies can set differentiated responses, automate technical customer journeys as required, and allow intelligent conversation bots to respond to customer questions based on a knowledge base system. The dialog box is closed after 24 hours from the last message from the customer. At this point, the company can push template messages to authorized customers, and this actual operation can also be set up as an automated technology by the intelligent bot.

As an example, KFC South Africa has made a new attempt on WhatsApp, where customers can click on the connection, scan the QR code or type in the number to add the KFCChat-Order mobile contact to order, buy the product according to the right guided questions in response to the automated technology online customer service (dialogue bot), then pick up the restaurant and pay for the meal at the store. In other words, in the future, KFC South Africa customers will be able to submit orders based on WhatsApp, pay online, and wait for delivery from the store. In a real sense, the closed-loop control of the conversational business reception is completed, giving the guests a perfect trading experience.

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