Market size: The Internet of Things is booming with the advent of the connected era

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IoT is the new growth pole

Internet of Things (IoT), which can be simply explained iot module manufacturersas "Internet of Things", is a network that extends and develops on the basis of Internet technology to manage information and data exchange and communication between things. The Internet of Things is a network that extends and develops on the basis of Internet technology to manage information and data exchange and communication between things. The concept of Internet of Things was first introduced in 1999 by Professor Ashton of Massachusetts Institute of Technology when he studied RFID.

The era of interconnection network between everything has arrived, the Internet of Things technology industry will achieve explosive development growth, trillion investment market to open. The Internet of Things will take over the Internet as the new growth pole. It took us 100 years (1900-2000) to connect 1 billion people by wired connection, and 25 years to connect 5 billion people by wireless data communication. The connectivity of things may reach a tens of billions of connections in just a few years, becoming one of the new infrastructure education facilities for the digital economy. According to Ericsson's forecast for enterprise global IoT connectivity, IoT will replace mobile phones, computers and tablet terminals as the main driver of our future connectivity growth. According to IDC and Gartner, the global competitive market demand for IoT-related industries will exceed $1.5 trillion by 2020.

In the post-epidemic era, the global IoT market will accelerate its development. Despite facing chip shortages and the long-term impact of the new crown pneumonia on the supply chain, IoT analyst firms have lowered their forecasts for the total number of IoT devices in 2025 (down to 30.9 billion in 2020). However, the global IoT market is still growing at a rapid pace this year. The data shows that by 2021, the number of networked devices will increase by 9 percent to 12.3 billion. By 2025, more than 27 billion connected devices are expected to be connected, with a GAGR of 22% from 2021-2025. (Source: FutureWise)

The cellular IoT market continues to grow. According to iot's analysis, by 2021 hours, the number of connected devices using cellular technology worldwide grows 18% year-over-year to 2 billion units, with its three largest operators accounting for nearly three-quarters of the market share. Domestic telecoms grew 42% year-on-year, with market share increasing by more than 2%, and Vodafone continues to lead the global market with 6% global market share.

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