What are some of the most popular foreign and domestic projects in entrepreneurship?

What are some of the most popular foreign and domestic projects in entrepreneurship?

China is a developing country and has many entrepreneurial ideas. With the global cultural integration, many advanced entrepreneurial ideas from abroad have also gained the attention of businessmen. Entrepreneurs who are interested in being creative in their own business usually have a good entrepreneurial mindset. There are still some differences between domestic and foreign entrepreneurial thinking, so we will briefly analyze those entrepreneurial projects that are not popular abroad, but are very popular in China.

Hot project of entrepreneurship: investment consulting

In China, many people want to seize the opportunity to manage their finances, and this seems to be a major breakthrough for entrepreneurs. If you know something about the current investment market, and there are people around you who have such needs, you can provide this service to them. However, it must be said that the job of investment advisor is very cold in foreign countries, because foreign countries seldom make private investment and their investment projects are relatively single. If you want to work as an investment consultant abroad, we suggest you think twice before you do so.

Hot Project 2: Human Social Services

If you want to engage in human social services, you need to study both consulting services and social services, and it is recommended that you make your decision after receiving general studies.

Hot Project 3: Property Manager

Property management is a term that has only emerged in recent years. Many government departments have long-standing partnerships with property management companies, but there are very few professional companies that take on property management overseas. Many communities are very open-minded and even self-managed, so it can be risky to start a business in this area overseas.

Starting a business is not an easy task, not to mention that there are huge differences between domestic and foreign entrepreneurship, and it is easy to step on potholes if you want to invest in foreign markets after only knowing the domestic market.