[Suspend at home] Three mothers share tips to make good use of the Internet to adjust working hours at home

During the epidemic, parents and children have added a lot of time at home, which has caused a lot of troubles, whether in learning or in the rhythm of life. Annie, who has the courage to jump out of the framework of the education system, did not go to kindergarten, so the experience of "learning at home" is much more than the average person. You may wish to participate.

Annie has been working as a teacher for more than ten years. When she has children, she wants to realize the qualities and strengths that children should have and how to teach students according to their aptitude. Learn.


Do I need a timetable?

Annie believes that there is no absolute advantage or disadvantage in setting a timetable for children during the epidemic. She believes that children aged 4 to 5 years or younger do not need a specific timetable, but they need to establish some rules, such as getting up in the morning and brushing their teeth first. For breakfast, there is no time limit but there are specific steps.

As for the elementary school, Annie suggested that you can use a timetable, because the school mode also runs according to time, but the schedule will be completed around 4-5 pm, allowing them to move freely. Finally, Annie shared an unexpected method. She would let the children at home change their pajamas to study at home. Because wearing pajamas, they will make the children more lazy and do n’t have too much input, so you can consider the morning After brushing your teeth and washing your face, let the children dress.

Annie has more examples to share, everyone remember to watch the clip!

[Schedule of suspension at home and play schedule]

Starting from March 2nd, the 01 parent and child will send you a "Suspend at home" teaching video every day to provide students with different levels of teaching in various subjects. In addition, there are physical, physical and mental classrooms to take care of everyone's needs in all aspects.