World University Rankings By Subject: How Can You Use Them To Find Schools And Scholarships

 into account when calculating their rankings.

In this article, learn about how World University Rankings By Subject work, how they can help you achieve what you want in life, and the factors that are taken into account when calculating their rankings.

What is a World University Rankings by Subject?

The World University Rankings by Subject is a comprehensive ranking of the world’s top universities in terms of their research performance in specific subjects. Each subject ranking is based on an eight-category index, with each category weighted equally.

Subject rankings are designed to help students and parents choose undergraduate and postgraduate study programmes, as well as choosing which countries to study in. They can be used to identify the best universities for research in a specific field, and to find out where candidates might be most likely to succeed on graduation.

There are three different types of World University Rankings by Subject:

Subject rankings are updated every year and can be found at:

Rice Ranked This Time!

Rice University has been ranked number one in the world for agriculture and rural development this time around by the Times Higher Education World University Rankings. The rankings were compiled using a composite score that considers how well universities are performing in eight different areas: research, industry, arts and sciences, education, international outlook, employability, facilities and outputs. Rice's ranking is up from last year's ranking of second place.

Korea National University of Science and Technology (Koreatech) takes the second spot this year for agriculture and rural development. The university scored particularly well in terms of research output and international outlook. Universitas Indonesia takes the third spot this year for agricultural and rural development. Universitas Negeri Semarang follows close behind at fourth place.

Why Should You Care About the World University Rankings By Subject?

The World University Rankings by Subject is an annual publication that ranks the best universities in the world in a variety of subjects. The rankings are based on a number of factors, including research output, citations, and international outlook.

The rankings can be helpful for students looking to find high-quality institutions for their studies. They can also be used to assess which fields of study are most Highly Rated by other publications. Additionally, students may be able to find scholarships and funding opportunities through the rankings.

When and Where Do The Worldwide Universities Rank - Who Choses To Rank Them?

The CWUR World University Rankings by Subject is a annually published academic ranking of universities in the world. It was created in 2007 by the Centre for World University Rankings, a London-based educational foundation. The rankings are based on surveys collected from university presidents and rectors around the world.

The rankings have been controversial, with several organizations protesting their selection criteria. Nevertheless, they remain one of the most widely quoted and used university rankings in the world.

Because the rankings are based on surveys from university presidents and rectors around the world, they can be used to find schools and scholarships abroad. In addition, they can be used to compare different universities across different subjects.

A table of the methodology can be found on the CWUR website. The top five universities in each subject rank first, while those ranked sixth through tenth are listed alphabetically within each subject category.

Every university is ranked at least once in each subject category. Schools which are not based in countries are excluded from ranks such as Business and Economics; these subjects have two separate lists: one for schools based in countries and one for all other schools (although some international schools make it onto this list).

The purpose of this article is not to provide an exhaustive guide to using the CWUR World University Rankings by Subject but rather to provide an outline of how you can use them to find schools and scholarships abroad. You'll want to consult their website or read further advice before embarking on your own analysis of

How Do They Rank Other Schools - Are These Systems Fair?

The world’s top universities often rank high in specific subject areas. Each year, the World University Rankings by Subject publishes a list of the best universities in specific disciplines. For example, this year’s rankings includes the best universities for economics, law, computer science and engineering.

How can you use these rankings to find schools and scholarships? The first step is to determine which areas of study are most important to you. After that, use the tables below to see which universities rank in each category.

To start with, here are the world’s top 10 universities for business:

1. Stanford University

2. Harvard University

3. University of Melbourne

4. BUSINESS SCHOOLS IN THE U S A (University of Michigan- Ann Arbor, Columbia Business School, Wharton Business School)

5. London Business School

6. INSEAD (France)

7. Oxford University (UK)

8. Berkeley Haas School of Business (USA)

9= Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich 9= INSEAD (France)

Map of the Ranking System

The World University Rankings® publication is created by the Shanghai Ranking Consultancy, an independent organization. Every year, the ranking presents a comprehensive and objective analysis of world’s top universities based on three core metrics: reputation, quality of education and citations. The rankings use a “points-based” system whereby universities are awarded points for their performances in each of the areas assessed. The higher the score, the better performance.

Universities can only achieve a maximum total score of 1000 points. A university world university rankings by subjectreceives points for its academic achievements ( reputation ), teaching and research quality ( quality of education ), and international citation levels ( international collaboration ).

By subject matter, the 2018 edition ranks universities in 35 subject areas from 1 to 35. The highest ranked disciplines are engineering/technology at 7th place ( Score: 541), life sciences at 10th place ( Score: 496) and mathematics/statistics at 13th place ( Score: 419). Architecture and engineering were ranked 1st and 2nd respectively in this edition. Additionally, 26 out of 33 disciplines have seen their positions improved since 2017 when they held either the No.1 or 2 spot worldwide.


The World University Rankings by Subject are an excellent resource for autonomous driving technologyfinding schools and scholarships. The rankings are based on criteria such as research reputation, faculty quality, and student satisfaction. You can use the rankings to find schools that fit your needs and to compare them side-by-side.

The world university rankings by subject can help you find the perfect school for you. Instead of just picking any school at random

The world university rankings by subject can help you find the perfect school for you. Instead of just picking any school at random, use the world university rankings to get an idea of which schools offer degree programs in the specific areas of study that are important to you. Armed with this information, you can then narrow your search for a reputable and affordable institution.

One particularly useful aspect of the world university rankings is that they list schools according to their research performance. This means that not only will you be able to find highly ranked schools that focus on your area of interest, but also less prestigious institutions that may nonetheless be excellent choices for students based on other factors such as affordability or location. In addition, the rankings allow you to compare different institutions within a given field, giving you an overview of what kinds of opportunities are available and how much they might cost. Finally, taking the time to read through each school’s profile can help you identify any special features or amenities that would make it a good fit for your needs.


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