Digital currencies don't have a trading day, BTC is volatile at 1am

Digital currencies don't have a trading day, BTC is volatile at 1am

Digital currencies are one of the most Lok Ma Chau Spur line complicated capital to buy and sell on the market because, unlike traditional property, there is no 'day of the week' - the BTC sales market is open to the public all day.
However, it is difficult to figure out exactly which time of day is best for trading BTC.

Investment analysts dissected the prices work visa application hong kong and lows of each hour of the day and then compared each hour to the other 23 hours of the day. The chart below shows how many times each hour has the highest price (light pink) and lowest price (dark blue) of the day.

The data shows that over the past 2 years, create bitcoin account late night and 1am UTC have been the times when the price of Bitcoin has fluctuated a lot. In particular, more daily highs and daily lows have been observed at 0001 UTC than at any other time.

This is probably due to the fact that this point in time is the beginning of the night in North America and the gradual middle of the working day in Asia. This is also the time frame in which Western and Asian investors are active at the same time. Asian investors can wake up and act on the information of the day, while North American investors are not yet asleep and can react to information from the Asian sales market.

Project investments still need to pick a good timeframe
Unsurprisingly, the scientific research above confirms what one prominent investor has often said, that it is important to pick a good time frame to shop wisely in the market, rather than picking what is said to be a better point in time.
Buying BTC at the minimum daily price and selling it at the maximum daily price is a daunting task, as the digital currency sales market is an all-day trade. But those who bought Bitcoin two years ago and have owned it ever since have made a 3x return.

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