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How can you miss a cup of authentic English afternoon tea when you visit London? In the UK, drinking tea is an important tradition, and now drinking tea is more of a habit for the British. Afternoon tea in London is definitely a good way to try traditional British food and tea, and of course you can also enjoy a wonderful afternoon at the same time. London has a variety of afternoon teas for you to choose from, we know which one you will be troubled to go to? Which is the coolest? So we have collected some of our favorite London afternoon tea restaurants to help you start this fantasy journey of afternoon tea!

London must visit UK afternoon tea


Dolloway Terrace has beautiful indoor and outdoor balconies, full of colorful flowers, and their special afternoon tea, making it the most popular local afternoon tea restaurant. In addition to tea, there are many delicious foods on their menu, for example, their Caprese sandwiches also have evil evil desserts such as blueberry and lavender ice cream! Beautiful environment, delicious food and perfect afternoon tea, you will never be disappointed here!

Average consumption: £ 40

Afternoon tea time: 12 pm – 4 pm

Address: 16-22 Great Russell St, Fitzrovia, London WC1B 3NN, UK

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If you want a different experience, should you consider having a cup of afternoon tea on the bus? This may sound like spilling afternoon tea all over the place, but do n’t worry! They have prepared cup holders to prevent this. From the outside, this bus may look like a normal London bus. But what is special is that he has a pretty retro design, full of flowers and fairy-tale decorations. You can enjoy delicious refreshments in traditional Britain, while also seeing all the most famous sights in London. Their meals are also suitable for every different dietary needs, whether they are vegan, vegetarian, halal or gluten-free!

Average consumption: £ 45

Afternoon tea time: five times a day, you can check the departure time on the website Brigits Bakery

Address: 8 Northumberland Ave, Westminster, London WC2N 5BY, UK

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Have you ever dreamed of living in a pink world? Then don't miss it here! From the chair to the wall, Sketch is pink up and down! This pink-controlled paradise offers classic British afternoon tea and desserts. They have a variety of teas for you to choose from, so you can enjoy your comfort more comfortably. Pink world! There are delicious foie gras pies, scone, and fresh jam, what can be more dreamy and beautiful than here?

Average consumption: £ 60

Afternoon tea time: 11:30 am to 4:30 pm.

Address: 9 Conduit St, Mayfair, London W1S 2XG, United Kingdom


Town House London has the most iconic afternoon tea in London. Why do you say that? Because they put all their desserts in the eyes of London! And every dessert looks like a well-known landmark in London, for example, the chocolate-covered carrot cake looks like London's Shard Tower, or vanilla cinnamon tower looks like Big Ben! The choice of afternoon tea is also very diverse, in addition to the traditional British tea, there are a variety of black tea, green tea, herbal tea and white tea. Both mouth-watering desserts inside and out, paired with the most classic British tea, is definitely the best match for your afternoon tea!

Average cost: £ 42

Afternoon tea time: 12pm to 5pm

Address: 109-113 Queen's Gate, South Kensington, London SW7 5LP, United Kingdom

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Rosewood London recently won the award for Best Contemporary Afternoon Tea. Their avant-garde style and sculptural desserts will really bring you an incredible enjoyment! The menu also offers a range of traditional tea sandwiches (of course with a few ingredients!) And delicious scone And dessert. The way they display desserts is quite special, and it will definitely bring a special enjoyment to your vision and taste buds!

 Average consumption: £ 60

Afternoon tea hour: 2:30 pm to 5:45 pm on weekdays and 12 pm to 5:45 pm on weekends

Address: 252 High Holborn, Holborn, London WC1V 7EN, United Kingdom