Not all cafes will have an Italian style

Not all cafes will have an Italian style

To be honest, espresso is a test of the quality of the beans, the skill of the barista, and the quality of the equipment. As I said before, a good cup of espresso should not only make you feel "bitter", it also has a unique flavor, charming sweetness and sweetness.

The simple way to judge whether a fancy coffee produced by a cafe has passed the test is to taste their espresso machine brand. If the espresso can be made delicious, then there is a high probability that fancy coffee will not step on the thunder.

If the espresso you drink is only bitter, and even has a "Chinese medicine taste", other flavors will not be mentioned. Either there is a problem with the beans or the barista's skills are not good enough.

Here are a few more fun ways to drink. If you are interested, you can try it to see if it suits your taste:

1. Drink with chocolate

Some friends said that with high-purity black chocolate, it will be more flavorful. You might as well try it~ but coffee and chocolate are a classic.

2. With ice cream

In fact, this coffee can no longer be called espresso. It is called "Afujiato". The simple method is to dig two balls of gelato and top with hot espresso. The blend of ice and fire, sweet and bitter, is very exciting.

3. Add sugar and not stir evenly

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The sugar sinks at the bottom. Don't stir it well. The first bite is the fragrant oil, the second bitter is the bitter sweetness of the coffee, and the last bite is the sweet syrup mixed with sugar, with distinct layers.

However, some friends who drink espresso will not tolerate it, coffee machine brand just like drunk, the heartbeat will be faster, if this is the case, it is best not to drink so strong ~ choose latte or American.

In a word, how to drink is a personal preference. I have also seen people who add sugar to espresso to doubt life.

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