What the hell is online payment?

online payment platforms

We often see some websites, especially shopping websites, support online payment methods. So what does online payment mean? Online payment is relative online payment platforms to offline payment. Online payment refers to the way that a third-party payment company provides an interface between an e-commerce website and a bank for payment. The third-party payment company integrates the interface of most domestic banks, and users can click the corresponding bank to complete the transaction with the e-commerce website, which is safe and convenient.

We also mentioned just now that online payment is relative to traditional offline payment companies. Offline payment refers to the payment management method that transfers directly from your personal bank account to another Chinese bank account. Obviously, for the design of my country's electronic information commerce website, online payment is much more convenient and faster than offline payment.

The above words may not be easy to understand, let's take an example. Domestic companies such as Alipay, Caipay and Shuangqian payment are all third-party payment companies, especially the online payment methods currently on shopping websites. If we buy something on a website, the payment link, we need to choose how to pay, if it shows treasure, financial payment or double money payment, choose one of them to jump to the company payment page, we enter the relevant account information to pay, after the payment, jump Back to e-commerce sites, this is online payment. If you are asked to send your money to a designated bank account, this is paid offline. The trouble of offline payment is not to say, but also lack of security. In the context of the rapid development of e-commerce, online payment is very important.

What are the characteristics of online payment gateways?

1. Convenience. Multi-bank interface, convenient for bank card holders to pay sellers at any time through third-party payment platform payment channels.

2. Hurry up. Instant feedback on payment results to speed up the flow of merchants' funds.

3. Safety. When the electronic information commerce website handles the online payment system interface, the student needs to submit the relevant certification materials to develop, which provides a certain guarantee for the payer. Of course, this problem is also relative, and it does not rule out that some companies run away due to poor management and management, but there are very few cases of such learning.


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