Bluetooth module hibernation power consumption concept and the importance of

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Hibernation function is a basic function of Bluetooth module, it will often be submerged in many parameters of Bluetooth module, such as: power, frequency, sensitivity, transmission distance, etc., which are the most concerned about the parameters of customers, so many users will be easy to ignore it. So the hibernation function bluetooth lte moduleis not important to the Bluetooth module in the end? The following with the cloud of things in the technology to understand the next.

Before answering the question, we first understand what the Bluetooth module hibernation function is what. Hibernation function as the name implies is to enter a sleep state, whether it is a person or animal in the sleep state, the energy required to consume will be greatly reduced, which is also the reason why many animals need to enter hibernation to spend the winter. In the bluetooth module, is also a reason, hibernation function is the module does not work when entering the hibernation state, in the absence of signal input current, that is, the device itself in the absence of external factors under the influence of its own consumption of current, the module will need to lose the current to the minimum, hibernation current is generally uA as the unit of calculation. Such as the cloud in the Bluetooth module MS50SFA1 sleep power consumption is less than 1uA.

Project selection of Bluetooth module purpose to replace the traditional cable communication of the main reason, because in some field work environment (such as: industrial, mountainous areas, etc.), if you want to use the traditional cable, will lead to wiring very difficult, and will consume a lot of manpower, material resources, so the Bluetooth module in this regard will show a huge advantage. But the problem also comes, because these working environment is harsh, not a will have a stable power supply will continue to supply to the Bluetooth module work, so have to use the battery-powered power supply method. This time, a low-power Bluetooth module is definitely the first choice on the project, it can not only help the project to last longer working cycle, but also can greatly reduce the operation and maintenance costs.

In the field of wireless communication, the main reference of low power Bluetooth module is its receiving current, the lower the receiving current, the lower the power consumption. The second is the reference Bluetooth module sleep current, the lower the sleep current, the lower the power consumption of the Bluetooth module in the sleep state.

Now we return to the original question in the article, hibernation function in the end for the Bluetooth module is not important? The answer in the cloud is that the sleep current is very important if you are working on a project where only the battery is supplying power. Bluetooth module's re-transmit and receive will generate current, but they also only generate current when transmitting or receiving, so the module will go to sleep most of the time when not transmitting and receiving to ensure that power consumption is at a minimum, so sleep current is an important parameter that affects the working time of the module. So the sleep current is especially important when only battery power is available.

Bluetooth module sleep current and time are not independent parameters, the two together to calculate the power consumption, current parameters are used to assess the power of the module, is the power consumption fast or slow, but how much electricity, but also depends on how much time used, assuming that the module sleep current is 1uA, then the module consumes an hour of power is 1uAh.

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