This method of cleaning the floor allows you to run around the house.

This method of cleaning the floor allows you to run around the house.

1st, dust the floor

No matter what material the floor is made of, it is necessary to pick up toys, buttons, and other foreign objects before cleaning, and then use a broom, hoover, or other similar device to remove all the hair and dust from the floor's surface, underneath the furniture, and in the corners. Solid wood floors can be cleaned with a dry rag or a wrung out wet rag. To avoid damaging the paint's brightness or the paint film, do not rinse with water, mop the floor with a wet rag, or scrub with alkaline water or soapy water.

2, cleaning of foreign bodies and stains on the floor

If the floor has oil stains, wipe with a dry rag dipped in a small amount of thick tea juice; if the drug, drink, or pigment spilled on the floor, wipe clean with a dry rag, then wipe with a soft cloth dipped in furniture wax; if the surface of the floor layer is burned by cigarette butts, wipe hard with a soft cloth dipped in furniture wax to restore the brightness; if the floor h Then, using wet soap, press and rub until the glass chips are gone. Feel free to scrape it down and press again until the glass chips are gone.

3Floor cleaning and upkeep

There are different floor cleaners for different materials, and daily cleaning to choose the right cleaner can be better clean.

Pour the appropriate amount of floor cleaner into a bucket of water to dilute before use, then use the mop to mop the floor from the interior to the door. After cleaning the floor, apply a layer of woodcleaning laminate floors with steam mop floor wax maintenance agent to keep the floor's shiny color.

4Waxing of wooden floors

Many people prefer woodenMini Rodini HK flooring because it appears sophisticated and has a sense of design. After using it for a while, I noticed some surface blackening. Waxing is a common method of maintenance, but many people are unaware of how to wax properly. Let's take a look at it now!

1 Before you begin waxing, the floor should be thoroughly cleaned and completely dry.

2Wax the floor at least three times, rubbing it with a lint-free cloth or waxer each time to allow the wax to penetrate the wood.

3 Polish each waxing with a soft cloth to achieve a shiny finish.

A polyester amine floor wax is university ranking asiasometimes available; apply it three times with a clean brush, paying special attention to the floor joints.

5 After drying, you must polish the surface with very fine sandpaper, wipe it clean, and then repeat the waxing process.

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