Hong Kong New Crown Pneumonia | New civil servants ’union has no objection to resume work next week

New Crown Pneumonia

The government announced yesterday that public services will return to normal in two phases next week. The vast majority of government employees will resume normal work and many public services and facilities will be reopened. The new civil servant union chairman Yan Wuzhou said that he understands the public ’s demand for public services and the union is not opposed to resumption of work, but believes that the government should strike a balance between the control of the epidemic and the resumption of work, otherwise it will only be resumed after the resumption of work as at the end of March. Work at home was resumed again, causing confusion.

Yan Wuzhou said this morning on the Hong Kong and Taiwan program "Millennium" that under the control of the epidemic, the union does not object to the resumption of civil servants. However, most government employees will not be issued masks if the nature of their work is not facing the public. It is difficult to avoid being in a room with many people, worrying about increasing the risk of cross infection. He believes that the resumption of work is in conflict with the government ’s arrangement to limit the social distance. He hopes that the government will announce whether the protective equipment of each department is sufficient, whether it will provide equipment to employees, how to arrange lunch time, etc., and provide clear guidelines on how to maintain sufficient social distance. To achieve the target's epidemic prevention effect.

At present, about 4,800 government employees work entirely from home, accounting for about 3% of the total government employees, and account for more than 20% of government employees who work on alternate days or in rotation. Yan Wuzhou pointed out that some civil servants reported that departments providing non-emergency services had announced that the government ’s flexible work arrangements were too urgent in order to avoid confusion and asked colleagues to continue working in the office.

New Crown Pneumonia | Civil servants will resume work on Monday

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