New Crown Pneumonia | Xu Shuchang: Each restaurant can relax for 6 to 8 people, theater, beauty salon can reopen

Hong Kong New Crown Pneumonia

Xu Shuchang, a lecturer in the Department of Respiratory System at CUHK, said today (4th) on the commercial channel that the epidemic situation is beginning to ease and that the epidemic prevention measures can be gradually relaxed, but emphasized that it cannot be loosened at once. He pointed out that the incubation period of some local cases was not completed, and there were still imported cases. He believed that the number of restaurants could be relaxed at this stage. Up to 6 to 8 people are feasible, giving restaurants and diners more flexibility.

However, he admits that Karaoke and bars are the most risky for spreading. It is difficult to relax. To discuss with the industry how to strengthen measures, it should be relaxed at the latest.

For other venues, he believes that as long as eating and drinking is prohibited in the theater, it is safe for all audiences to put on masks. As for whether the industry can sit alternately, it can be discussed by the industry. In addition, he reminded the beauty salon to maintain air circulation, beauticians can wear masks and eye protection to do "double protection."

The government said yesterday that the plan for the national mask has entered the final stage, and details will be announced as soon as possible. Professor Yuan Guoyong revealed that the mask can be rewashed 60 times and the inner core can be replaced. Xu Shuchang said that he didn't know how to send masks beforehand, and the government needs to think about how to get it, reminding many people to pick it up in person or cause the crowd to gather risks.