Seeking Survival in the Epidemic Circumstances | Walking with Students for 40 Years, Baby Carriage, Zun Shutai Walked from Scene

Stepping into 2020, Hong Kong's various industries and industries face unprecedented adversity and a sense of powerlessness caused by the virus, and citizens of Shengdou can only struggle to survive.

"When I saw a woman on the street, I was a student at the beginning of the nanny car. I was 40 years old." Shu Tai, who has been operating a nanny car for about 40 years, is like a treasure in the car. He is very happy and tells about the students. "Qu Dao (Student) Called me to become the extinct Shutai again. "

The "extinct Shutai" in front of him is not consistent with the name of the flower. Even though he has been operating the "dusk career" in the mouth, from the industry's scenery to the embarrassment of the epidemic situation, he still thinks of the students, thinking that operating a nanny car is more fun than making money Laughing: "Well, it's so much, you can treat me as a fool, and be happy and count on it."

But behind the smiling face, in addition to the epidemic that made Shu Tai frown, a car accident in North Point two years ago also left a wound that was difficult to heal in his heart, "Zhong Wei has not reached the threshold."

Baby Carriage

10 students in a 5-seater private car in the scenery

The eye-catching orange-yellow body, with a purple horizontal line in the middle, the nanny car grows with generations of children. Shu Tai looked back on the past in the car, especially remember that in the 1980s, the government did not regulate the nanny car. When he entered the car with his grandmother, he was driving in a private car. Smaller and more suitable oil prices are the time for the industry. She recalled that when driving her 5-seater private car to pick up her daughter for class, she also escorted other students together. "The schoolbag is placed at the rear of the car, and you can sit with 9 or 10 students at any time."

Along with successive school bus accidents, the government plans to regulate babysitters. In 1997, it was mandatory for school buses carrying elementary school or kindergarten students to have a babysitter to follow the bus; at the same time, all newly licensed babysitters must also be uniformly posted on the current s color. At this point, the scenery days in Shu Tai's mouth passed.

Another blow to the industry was that the government gradually implemented whole-day primary schooling in 1993. Shu Tai said that during the half-day program, "there are four transfers for the upper and lower schools." With the implementation of the full-time system, the number of buses has decreased, and because the school has various activities from time to time, the school hours are unstable, and the exam may be After school at noon, it collided with the time of the kindergarten, so it was necessary to reserve several vehicles for backup at noon, and to be picked up on time at any time, which increased the operating cost.

Reducing Shu Tai: the nanny car is slow and the students jokingly called "Turtle"

Although the scenery has passed, Shu Taichang often said that the industry is a "dusk career", but another treasure house is the time spent in the brain with the students. Whenever I ask the reporter: "How funny are your words?" She told many families that the whole car Everyone has a flower name, "Don't remember the full name, remember the flower name, there is a big mouth!" Because the nanny car is slow, the students called it "Turtle"; afterwards, he joked Shu Tai as "extinct Shu Tai" "" How funny are you?

After running for 40 years, Shu Tai said to herself as a "big way", likes to get along with children, there are countless students, and he is full of courage at work. She recalled that she had met a woman of about 40 years old on the street. The other party greeted her actively and reported her name. She immediately recalled her experience in the past. It turned out to be the earliest student. Fujianese. "

She also pointed out that once a student was in secondary school, although he did not take a babysitter, he met Shu Tai waiting for the student, so he specially bought her favorite chocolate. "Although it takes a few, it is really sweet." She said Some students take their babysitters from kindergarten to elementary school, that is, they have been together for 9 years. Frankly, they will be reluctant when they are separated, and even wept.

Remembrance of Chang Kang Street School Bus 4 Accident: Zhong Wei Was Passing

But behind the smile, there was a wound hurting. In December 2018, a driver of a nanny car suspected that he had not pulled his hand on the ramp of Changkang Street in North Point, but the body rushed forward, although the driver blocked the car. The owner of the driver involved. One and a half years later, Shu Tai described the accident as the most sad thing in a 40-year nanny car career. He said bluntly: "Zhong Wei has not reached the threshold."

On the day of the accident, Shu Tai went to the scene to learn about the incident. During this period, she was emotional and needed to be sent to an ambulance for treatment. Shu Tai said that at that time, he needed to be treated by a psychiatrist, taking tranquilizers and sleeping pills to fall asleep. She said that she was worried about suffering from depression. Fortunately, she no longer needs to take medicine, but she still needs time to get out of the haze. Time failed to completely dilute the incident, and the driver in question did not contact her.

Babysitters do more than money: good to catch kids!

In his 40-year career, Shu Tai described suffering and joy, and experienced the most sad accident a year and a half ago; now facing a more severe operating environment than SARS, his savings are almost exhausted and he cannot retire. However, Shu Tai said that running a babysitter car is not just for money, but also for fun, even if it may be eroded: "Well, it ’s too much, you can be a fool, and be happy." Now I hope that as soon as possible. Resuming the lesson, "I ’ll hang on the kids!"