Why is automatic self-service coffee a win-win for hotels

With the upgrading of consumption, the supporting facilities of the hotel are more close to the needs of the guests. automatic coffee machine More and more hotels continue to improve the hardware conditions, providing more relaxation and rest facilities such as commercial self-service coffee machines, treadmills, massage chairs, etc., which can not only improve the overall image and sense of advanced hotel, but also reflect the hotel's adequate humanistic care for the guests. The rise of the young generation has gradually become the backbone of consumption. In order to attract more young people's attention, many hotels support commercial self-service coffee machines, because for today's young people, coffee has become the standard of life, and their beautiful life depends on coffee fancy for survival.

Why is automatic self-service coffee a win-win for hotels

Commercial automatic self-service coffee machines

Can't get up in the morning, a cup of coffee; Midday drowsy, coffee to a cup; Stay up late at night eating chicken, finish this cup, there are still three cups! As a matter of fact, young people are slowly changing when they drink coffee. Through data analysis, it is found that coffee has become an indispensable necessity for young people's life after the initial fashion trend and the habit formed due to the passive dependence on work.

In the market, there are various types of coffee machines. Different types of coffee machines have different characteristics and use occasions, which are suitable for different groups of people. How to choose coffee machines in hotels and what factors should be considered? The automatic self-service coffee machine used by the hotel needs to have the function of fresh and fresh, because the hotel coffee machine is mainly used by the guests, the product of the coffee must be mellow, so as to satisfy the picky taste buds of young people. The hotel coffee machine can not only make black coffee, but also milk coffee, and even milk chocolate and other drinks. The hotel coffee machine needs to provide coffee service to the guests at any time and anywhere. There is no need for manual watch. The guests can also have a good experience by self-service operation. Finally, Fully automatic coffee machine the coffee machine in the hotel must be fully automatic. The journey from bean to cup can be started by tapping the screen, which can save the high labor cost of baristas.

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Why is automatic self-service coffee a win-win for hotels

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