What is the importance of choosing a Bluetooth headset?

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Bluetooth version

The connection of the Bluetooth headset is unstable, and the sound wireless noise cancelling earbuds is intermittent. Most of them are caused by the interference of various signals or the obstruction of objects by various signals when the Chinese voice is conducting research on Bluetooth data transmission. For example, in a crowded environment, offices and shopping malls, There are many electronic technical devices such as mobile phones used, and there are problems such as walls, subways, and elevators, and the transmission of Bluetooth control signals cannot be blocked. One of the best solutions is to start from the hardware side - either directly or replace the Bluetooth version with stronger anti-interference performance.

The current mainstream Bluetooth version 4.2 is the lowest and supports up to 5.2, which is basically ignored. Although mobile phones are compatible, each version of 4.2 has poor performance, unstable connection, and closes the transmission distance, which is completely unnecessary. Now the most common is Bluetooth 5.0, Merchants will use this version, Apple and Android can be compatible.

bluetooth chip

NO.1: Apple chip

Apple's chips have always been unparalleled, but unfortunately, it's only compatible with its own devices, according to Apple's official data, the w1 chip has 30ms latency, h1 has 15ms latency, and the maximum human-perceived latency is 30ms, Apple three years ago A low latency of 30ms is achieved! However, everyone knows that there is only one apple and that only beats and airpods carry apple chips, but the price of thousands of dollars keeps most ordinary users away!

NO.2: Qualcomm chip

Aside from the Apple chip, Qualcomm is the most powerful Bluetooth chip on the market. In 2015, CSR was officially acquired by Qualcomm and merged into Qualcomm to fight against Apple and other Bluetooth chip manufacturers. In recent years, despite the continuous rise of domestic chips, Qualcomm's chips have been threatened to a certain extent, but it is not so easy to surpass them all at once. For now, they're still firmly in second place!

No. 3: Ruiyu, Luoda, Hengxuan Chip

However, although other chips such as Ruiyu, Luoda, and Hengxuanla have poor overall smoothness and stability, they have been recognized by major brands such as Huawei and Xiaomi. The main purpose is to introduce first, and then create their own IoT ecosystem. Maybe one day they will be acquired by these large mobile phone brands and develop their own Bluetooth chip technology!

After reading the above popular science, I wonder if you can go further in understanding the company through Bluetooth headsets? Although it is a trend in our country to wear bluetooth earphones with you, it is inevitable for us in China to blindly follow the trend and buy them. We need to choose different corresponding bluetooth earphones according to the actual work situation of the company, in order to have a better user experience.

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