What is the difference between online collection and traditional collection

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What is the difference between online collection and traditional payment

(1) Online collection: convenient but unsafe.

Advantages of paying online:

1. It is very convenient and fast. For example, if you buy global payment gateways tickets online, you can check the schedule and know the price. If the ticket office is far away, we can directly buy tickets online and pay for them, and you can print them.

2. Intuitive and indirect, consumers only need to have a card, and they can implement payment without going through the middle layer.

3. Reduce business links and business costs, thereby reducing the final price of goods obtained by consumers; consumers have a wide range of choices in choosing products.

4. By entering keywords through the search engine provided by the website, consumers can find many related products. 5. The application of the business platform provided by the third party, on the premise that everyone does not trust each other, is good for both parties, and there is no risk for everyone.

Disadvantages of paying online:

1. The interaction between both sides of the business is low. Buyers can only judge the model, function, style and quality of the product from the online product introduction, without direct perception of the real object, false advertising.

2. The security of online payment has not yet let consumers feel relieved. With a credit card for collection, the money is stolen frequently.

3. Some Chui Lun websites will take advantage of the gap and let our consumers fall into the trap accidentally.

4. If the mobile phone number bound to your online banking at the beginning, but you don't need it at first, if you forget your password and want to retrieve it, it means whether the bound mobile phone is in use or not. In this case It will be more troublesome.

(2) Traditional way: inconvenient, but relatively safe.

The advantages of the traditional method: the security is relatively large, and it is the most secure method for those who are not familiar with the Internet.

Disadvantages of traditional payments:

1. It is limited by time. For example, if you go to the bank to withdraw money or make deposits, you must go to the bank during off-hours. If there are more people, you have to wait. I personally think this is a waste of time.

2. It is very unsafe to take care of cash. In recent years, cases of murder and looting have occurred frequently, which makes people feel lingering fears.

3. There will be no counterfeit coins if you conceal the report during the collection process, which will bring you certain losses.

4. The traditional payment methods generally take care of cash, and cash is the attachment of viruses. According to relevant materials, Shigella, Escherichia coli, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, gold can be found on an 80% new one-yuan banknote Staphylococcus aureus, Proteus and hepatitis virus, etc., can treat up to 1.2 million germs on each banknote on average. In addition, streptococcus, rotavirus, hepatitis B virus, gonococcus, etc. can also be found on banknotes, up to dozens of germs.


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