What is WeChat payment service provider?

What is WeChat payment service provider?

WeChat and Alipay service provider service providers refer to third-party developers with technical development capabilities that provide payment technology development and marketing solutions for ordinary merchants, that is, best subscription payment service,service providers can complete payment applications for merchants based on the open advanced interface of service providers. Full ecological chain services such as technology development, equipment debugging, event marketing, etc.

There are two ways to apply for WeChat payment service providers

1. Official account registration application

Register and authenticate the WeChat official account. Service providers can now only apply through WeChat authentication service numbers

2. Find an online customer service application through the Caibao payment website

If you don't know how to apply for a service provider, then look for treasure to pay. Caibao pay is a professional WeChat payment service provider. WeChat pay agent joined the company. WeChat is a business. The above is just a brief talk about the development direction of WeChat payment service. In fact, aside from the delegation, each direction deserves a detailed discussion of the solution, feasibility, technical details of implementation, etc.

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