Simple points of credit card online payment information security management

global gateway credit card processing

Now, credit cards can not only be swiped global gateway credit card processing at merchants, but also paid and consumed on the Internet, so for Alipay and online banking, pay attention to the security of online payment.

1. Before applying for overseas online transactions, the online transaction switch should be activated in advance. After the overseas transaction is completed, it should be closed in time to avoid subsequent risky transactions.

2. When conducting overseas online transactions, relevant certification services should be opened through secure channels. For example, ICBC Visa cardholders can apply to activate Visa vbv service (Visa verification), such as ICBC Mastercard cardholders can apply to activate MasterCard

SecureCode (secure information authentication code) service.

3. When conducting online transactions in China, try to use personal customer credentials (U mask) or electronic password cards for transactions; do not use bank websites provided by unknown links or emails; pay attention to providing emails for "abnormal account activity" or bank card number and password.

Do not conduct online transactions in public places such as Internet cafes, in order to avoid card numbers, passwords and other information being stolen by others.

5. Choose a reputable website with a long operating time for online bank card payment business to prevent illegal online merchants from stealing card numbers or other personal information.

6. Keep records of online consumption for inquiries; you can often check the transaction details of the personal account of the corporate bank, and if you find any unknown expenditures, you should contact the bank immediately



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