What convenience has the popularity of QR code scanning payment brought to people's lives?

American express automatic payments

With the development of society, people's life is changing with American express automatic payments each passing day, and the quality of life is constantly improving. Various daily purchases are also increasing. In the past, people used cash to buy things. A variety of banknotes of different denominations meet the needs of people's daily life. At the same time, there are also some problems, such as counterfeit money, defaced money, lost money, stolen money, etc. With the rapid development of the network, 4g network coverage is wide, and in the era of scanning code payment, as long as a mobile phone can meet the payment needs of all consumers.

The concept of scan code payment?

Scan code payment, as the name implies, is to scan the QR code to complete the payment, just like the merchant version of Alipay, you set the amount, and then a QR code will be generated, and then another person will scan the code in Alipay, you can scan it and receive payment or payment.

The current era of smart phones is prevalent, and the operation and management costs of payment system software are also very low. It is easy for the elderly to learn how to use WeChat and Alipay. Now the pancake and fruit stalls next to the subway station can be paid by WeChat or corporate Alipay. . This is an era of online electronic payment for the whole country. From the beginning of social support for complex passwords and payments in the environment, to simple 6-digit passwords requiring payment, to our current fingerprint payment, to face payment, online and offline Payment methods will continue to be more and more convenient.

What are the advantages of scanning the code to pay?

1) Convenient payment without card

In the past, we needed to bring a lot of cash when we went out. After the bank card payment company appeared, we needed to take the bank card with us at any time when we went out. But now, it is impossible to develop a bank card when going out. A smartphone can be swiped, which is convenient and fast, and the security is higher than that of bank cards. It is indeed such a very good payment management method.

2) Instant account, no need for hardware facilities and equipment

Before using a credit card, a POS machine is also required, which sometimes delays account opening. Scan code to pay? The account is fast, the account is fast, the enterprise can use its own cash freely, and the enterprise does not need to spend more money to buy a POS machine. Just have a QR code and let customers scan it.

3) Pay more for one yard

Not only supports Alipay, WeChat, Baidu, Jingdong and other mainstream online payment methods, but also supports offline store payment. In other words, when we go out in the future, we only need to bring our phones and ourselves. For some young people, it is convenient to go out without a backpack or purse.

4) Simple and easy to learn

As long as we have a Chinese smartphone in our hands, we can quickly learn to use it from the elderly to children.



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