The advantages and disadvantages of online banking payment, please introduce in detail

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1. Significantly reduce the Bank's operating costs china unionpay card and effectively enhance the Bank's profitability. Our bank has launched Network i ii banking business, which mainly uses public network resources and does not need to set up physical branches or outlets, which reduces personnel costs and improves the efficiency of our back-end system.

2. There is no time and space constraints, which is conducive to expanding the customer base. Online banking breaks the geographical and time constraints of traditional banking, and has the characteristics of 3a, that is, it can provide customers with financial services anytime, anywhere, in any way (whatever), which not only helps attract and retain high-quality customers, but also actively expand the customer base and open up new sources of profit.


1. Whether it is the business itself or the security of the network system, there are great risks.

2. The operation is complicated and requires students to download the data certificate, install the USB shield, log in to the online banking interface, USB shield password, payment password, confirm the enterprise payment and a series of operations, which makes the payment method of online banking in my country too complicated and wastes time, cost and energy. .

3. At present, the internal control mechanism of the bank is weak, the technical foundation is weak, and the social credit system is imperfect. The definition and scope of online banking, market access conditions and procedures, the security of online banking, the protection of the legitimate rights and interests of bank customers, and the regulatory requirements and legal responsibilities of online banking are still unclear.

Extended information:

Notes on using Internet Banking:

1. Avoid Search Engines

Obtain the online banking address from a regular bank outlet, and avoid using third-party methods such as search engines when logging in to the online banking. Because some fake online banking addresses are likely to be hidden in search results, once clicked into, it is likely to fall into the trap.

The best way is to register the correct online banking website in the browser's favorites, and all subsequent visits are to click on the links in the favorites to ensure that the wrong website will not be accessed.

2. Set up mixed password and double password

Password settings for online banking should not be related to personal data. It is recommended to choose a mixed password of numbers and letters to improve the difficulty of password cracking, and to keep the transaction password properly to avoid the same password as the credit card password.

3. Regularly check transaction records

Regularly check online banking transfer, payment and other business records, or customize account change notifications through SMS to keep abreast of account changes.



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