Meal checkout is like "brushing mobile phone". Electronic payment has become a new way of life for young people

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At present, wechat payment, Alipay and other online payment gateway hong kong travel e-commerce payment development methods have brought many conveniences to the lives of many citizens. When eating, shopping and settlement, we can complete online payment as long as we take out our mobile phone and brush it. Recently, the reporter learned in the interview that many young people in enterprises like to use wechat payment, Alipay and other e-bank payment management methods to settle accounts when eating in restaurants. The use of various electronic product payment technologies has gradually become a new way of life and learning for young people.

Customer: electronic payment has become a way of life

"I set up a folder called" lifestyle "on my phone, which contains online ordering software." Mr. Wang, 28, is a staff member of an institution in the city. "In fact, we also have a canteen, but if we eat too much, we want to change our taste. Sometimes we order takeout at noon, and sometimes we go to the restaurant around the unit with our colleagues." Mr. Wang told reporters that his friends often order takeout or eat out, and they almost eat the units near the restaurant.

Mr. Wang is in a tall building in his hometown. In order to facilitate his work, he rented a single room in the city. "The cost of eating out is not a small amount. Just eating out costs 1200 yuan a month. Fortunately, using Alipay also has some benefits." Mr. Wang said that using cash for breakfast, ordering takeout at noon and using coupons or Alipay at night is the way for many young singles around him to solve the problem of three meals a day.

"Pay with Alipay and wechat when you go out. You can bring 100 yuan in cash for a long time." In the interview, many young respondents said so one after another. However, some elderly people said that they prefer cash payment because they are not familiar with electronic payment.

Restaurants: customers can use e-commerce to pay, accounting for 60%

Walking on the street, whether it is a famous restaurant or a street stall, most enterprises can support electronic payment. A Chinese restaurant located on Anyang Road in the city center, with moderate prices, is very popular with the employees of surrounding units. Restaurant staff told reporters that at least 60% of customers use group purchase, Alipay and wechat bills every day. " There is a discount on the group buying website. Customers can enjoy the discount on this platform, and they can still reduce the discount by paying bora. " The staff said that for customers, the group purchase discount is strong, the price is preferential, and it is convenient to pay directly by mobile phone. Customers are naturally more willing to use it. For restaurants, it can save money and contact, and the work efficiency is also high.

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