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How do you perform website SEO specifically?

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When it comes to website SEO optimization, we know that it is one of seo company in singapore the free traffic marketing channels, with minimal cost, reliability, continuity, and the opportunity to be exposed to national Internet users, among other benefits. Of course, optimizing a website is not simple; everyone wants to be on the top page, and the competition is tough. So, what is the website SEO optimization of the specialized operating skills?

Website SEO optimization is a large project, ranging from the selection of the domain name to the selection of keywords, keyword web page layout, web pages between the internal chain setup, url optimization, site map production, page layout, the regular update of the article, and so on. Today, we will most likely discuss how to optimize the website SEO specifically.

How to Optimize a Website for SEO

1. Domain name: business-related, brief and memorable, with com/cn as a preferred suffix.

2. Keyword selection: in webmaster tools, love station network, 5118, Baidu bidding keyword planner

3, keyword layout: the primary and secondary navigation bars, breadcrumb navigation, and long-tail keywords utilized in the article title.

4, URL structure optimization: the file name is the initial letter of the column, pinyin, or English, as short as feasible, and easily identifiable by the spider.

5, station links: page links that may take you to any page on the site, half for the spider and half for the user experience (no need to switch back and forth).

6, website article update: unique (can be swiftly incorporated, improves site weight, and improves user experience), high quality, keyword distribution (first, middle, and end).

7, the release of external links: the main question and answer, self-media, and a few active forums.

8, link exchange: relevancy, weight more than ours, updates, not been K. The exchange of links: relevancy, weight bigger than ours, there are updates, not been K.

These are most likely the fundamental operations, the precise way to operate, which is possibly too much stuff, pay attention to me.

Of course, the internal structure of the site and the high quality of the content as the foundation, as well as external linkages with the three parts, are the most significant aspects of website SEO optimization.