A summary of the preferred payment methods of people in these different countries

A summary of the preferred payment methods of people in these different countries

What is local payment?

Different countries have different language expressions and living habits, and the payment habits of people also differ, so some countries and regions have created payment methods that comply with the habits of local customers chinese payment system. Local payments abroad mainly include electronic accounts, bank credit card payments, online bank transfers, offline promotional bank transfers, prepaid card payments, cash payments, cell phone payments, and other various local payment methods.

United States

More customers do the U.S. sales market, the U.S. market can be said to let the bank credit card and paypal two captured, and the former one market share to be larger. We propose to do the United States sales market customers to use credit cards and paypal payment methods at the same time. In addition, the application of paypal is proposed to use its convenient payment collection method, because that not only enhances the customer payment feeling, and at the same time is also a more reliable merchants to ensure. Bank credit cards and paypal generally have a guarantee of purchase and sale and a guarantee of the revolving system.

European region

In addition to the U.S. sales market, the second largest market is Europe, although most European countries have long added the EU but payment habits are different. For example, Germany uses sofortbanking more often, sofortbanking is not limited by the purchase and sale guarantee and the revolving system guarantee. Spain uses iDeal, which is different from bank credit cards and paypal. The benefit is that the customer cannot not pay (the merchant must turn off the role of non-payment). But in fact, there are some countries in Europe where cash payments and bank transfers are the norm, such as Poland.


In recent years, there are also many customers are doing Russian sales market, because the local daily necessities are relatively expensive, and Russia China e-commerce is not very developed, they are more like cross-border e-commerce to buy things, especially the purchase of Chinese products. When it comes to Russian e-commerce think of its highest Baidu search engine Yandex, and the Russian local payment will need to count QiwiWebMoney and Yandex.

Southeast Asia region

In Southeast Asia, the utilization of bank credit cards is extremely low, with a coverage rate of only 4% or less. Therefore, it is necessary to choose offline methods, such as Kiosk, convenience store chains or ATMs, for shopping virtual goods. Local payment methods are relatively homogeneous, such as MOL, AsiaSoft, OnePay, etc.

Middle East

The Middle East is also an emerging market that more and more UEESHOP customers are mentioning. CashU is the most popular payment method in the Middle East and North Africa (no bank credit cards) for online shopping, mobile game payments, telecommunication networks, IT services and foreign exchange investments, etc. CashU can accept payments from more than 28 countries (the account amount is always indicated in USD$).


People in different countries and regions have different payment habits, we want to do which region's customers, the first step of the website should have the region's local payment, so that consumers can successfully complete the submission of orders to pay to pick up the goods, to improve the independent station payment feeling and conversion rate. If you are still not sure which local payment should be used in the region you are doing? Or how to use local payment?

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