The benefits of CNC prototyping, higher precision to complete customer prototypes!

The benefits of CNC prototyping, higher precision to complete customer prototypes!

When starting a new injection molding project, plastic prototype parts can ensure that the product design is sound. For most plastic parts, CNC machined prototypes will provide everything needed for testing.

CNC machining allows you to test the shape, fit, cnc machining service china and function of injection molded parts without producing injection molded tooling.

Low Volume Production

Because only a suitable CAD file is required, CNC machining is ideal for small quantities of parts. hr management system Since there is no need to create a mold, creating the product directly on the CNC machine can save money and time.

This makes CNC machining very suitable for parts under 100 (once over 200, it becomes cheaper to produce parts by injection molding).

Fast turnaround time

Unlike plastic injection molding, which must first be performed to produce the mold, s19 95th CNC machining companies do not have to go through this problem. Social production can begin as soon as the file is uploaded and approved. This significantly reduces the company's production activity time.

High Quality Parts

CNC machining has many advantages. It is a more precise process than manual processing and can be repeated accurately. Due to the computer-controlled movement of the machine tool, the machine tool can all move precisely on the axes at the same time, thus forming complex three-dimensional shapes, which is almost impossible in manual processing.

These qualities make CNC machining a good manufacturing process that requires high precision or repetitive operations.

We usually keep all tolerances within +/-0.2 mm to 0.3 mm. If there are critical areas on the part where precision tolerances are important, then we can be specified to hold tolerances below 0.01 inch (<0.254 mm).

For plastic parts, CNC machining can produce stronger parts than 3d printing because of the materials and the manufacturing process itself. Therefore, they can withstand the same conditions as the final injection molded part.

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