5G period, the use of car networking platform how the development trend

5G period, the use of car networking platform how the development trend

With the passage of time, 5G technology will slowly deepen all aspects of our daily lives,gnss module and in the car networking platform industry, how will 5G technology carry out the integration and deepening of technology and facilities? And what is the future development trend? Make us actually look at the article content how to speak it.

About the thinking under the use of 5G, the article is mainly considered from 2 big levels: one is to use 5G technology as well as the technology it promotes to complete the deep level of the current machines and equipment and roles; in addition, one is to use 5G technology as well as the new machines and equipment and roles developed by the technology it promotes to complete a large number of roles.

I. Current situation and changing trends

We analyze the current situation and development trend of intelligent vehicle-mounted machines and equipment from four aspects: customer, technology, company, and field.

Customer level

Because of the enhancement of the acceptance of new things and the persistent pursuit of perfection in quality life, the application of intelligent equipment has filled all aspects of the daily life of the people.

At the same time, with the occurrence of different categories of different roles of different levels of smart devices, we rely on smart devices are gradually increasing, in the application of smart devices slowly formed their own application habits, and in one scenario application habits to other applications, it may become a customer problem.

In addition, more and more mobile intelligent terminals are installed in the car, which is also likely to have a very real problem at the customer level. From the aspect of customer travel, the buyer's demand for travel is also gradually improving, from the basic requirements of safety travel, to convenient and fast travel, and then to enjoy travel, to the ultimate possibility of shared resources travel, the level of such requirements to enhance the conviction will slowly become a development trend, in the level of upgrading at the same time, the sense of achievement for the low-level requirements also clearly put forward a better hope.

Technical level

Because 5G has more network bandwidth, rapid transmission speed, lower communication delay, and somewhat higher stability, it has prompted many of the roles established in the previous scenarios with high regulations for the Internet to have a good possibility of completion. At the same time, the rapid development of 5G also logically promotes the development trend of artificial intelligence technology, Internet big data, and cloud technology, which also makes the Internet of Things possible.

Company Level

Along with the development trend of each industry, various car companies also pointed out the development strategy transformation development, from vehicle service provider to mobile travel service provider transformation development, this kind of transformation development must not be separated from the development trend of information content technology, not separated from the intelligent equipment business system.

Government departments level

China has clearly put forward the key measures to promote freight logistics to reduce costs, increase efficiency, and improve the efficiency of transportation, so the development trend for the travel level can be understood as "travel environmental protection" "travel efficiency" "travel shared resources", which also meet the requirements of customers. Relying on intelligent products and equipment, using 5G technology, AI technology, BD technology, Cloud technology, multi-technology integration, multi-purpose linkage, and environmental integration, disruptive innovation equipment, empowering simple customers and social development.

Second, the way to use (hardware configuration)

According to the above analysis of the current situation and development trend, the hardware and software of vehicle-mounted intelligent devices have changed in the way they are used, and have become a development trend. Here the use of the hardware configuration level to carry out the way to show.

According to the user pain points, the use of the way from the integration and integration of 2 perspectives to carry out combing, in addition to the integration and integration of the current intelligent devices, but also with 5G technology to promote artificial intelligence technology, Internet big data, cloud solution technology, V2X, driverless integration to complete the integration of the field, granting the car a large number of very possible, to complete the car know, car understand people. The following are examples of integration and convergence.

Third, role expansion (cell phone software)

Show the above thinking brain map, the above only exemplifies a part, not all.

5G period, closely around the 5G-related technologies also get development trend, with reference to the above mind-brain diagram, from AI technology infiltration, Internet of things, car daily life and his four aspects of the analysis is likely to be newly formed or can improve the role of the car networking platform.

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