The answers to questions about IoT communication modules are below

The answers to questions about IoT communication modules are below

Q1 What is a communication module?

In the world of Internet of Things, communication module helps things to communicate with each other and send and receive signals.

Communication module makes all kinds of IoT terminal devices have the ability to transmit networked data and information, and is the information portal for all kinds of intelligent terminals to access the Internet of Things.

Q2 Why do we need communication module?

communication module is the key link between the sensing layer and the network layer of the Internet of Things.

All the device data generated by the sensor layer of IoT needs to be aggregated to the network layer through the wireless communication module.

Then, through the cloud management platform, remote management of the equipment is carried out to improve management efficiency through data analysis.

Q3 Why are there many different types of communication system modules?

Different things are connected, so the information that needs to be transmitted is very different.

If it is a water meter, it only needs to transmit a very small amount of data, not daily; if it is a car, it needs to transmit a large amount of data, as well as the need for real-time data; ...

Other devices, such as factory motors, roadside streetlights, and home speakers, all have their own communication needs.

The upstream of wireless module is baseband chips and other raw materials, which are highly standardized; but the downstream is from smart agriculture, smart home and so on.

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