Five techniques for building an innovative ecosystem

Five techniques for building an innovative ecosystem

1. Start with strategic planning.

The first step is to start with strategic planning, corporate status quo and future vision. Many industries need to provide services through the business model of the cloud platform, shifting from using independent products and single -point solutions to more integrated combination tools. In order to obtain more annual fees, companies are looking for expanding income from a single service to subscription service.

For example, this happens in the building, engineering and construction (AEC) industry. In the past few decades, these industries have been based on a single project. Software such as AD and BIM has created specific 2D and 3D delivery results for customers. However, with the advancement of major software suppliers (such as Autodesk and Bentley), the industry is currently developing in the direction of integrated tool packages and industry clouds, which has opened the door for new business models and more cooperative working models.

With the application of digital twins in various industries, they charge annual fees, not just allowing the AEC industry to manage and maintain these infrastructure, based on project costs, such as buildings, bridges and roads.

2. Verify your vision.

One of the methods to verify whether the future vision is correct is to pay attention to the acquisition signal in the market. Back to the AEC industry example, the recently acquired TheWild of Autodesk reflects the value of integrating AR/VR technology into the digital dual -solution, so that customers can better visualize their physical assets through their asset design or operation decisions.

The acquisition will show the focus of the market (such as the digital twin brothers mentioned in this article) and the integration of various technical driving conditions (such as visual technology, etc.). Of course, when considering the construction of an ecosystem, it is best to create a suitable independent IP and partners in the existing industry ecosystem and platform, rather than pursuing independent development.

The business model of the application store is based on platform innovation, so you can focus on providing customers with industry -based applications, instead of worrying about the relatively low technologies such as dual -layer, integrated layer, data layer, and cloud foundation. Essence More importantly, bigger companies realize that they cannot meet all their needs, so they deliberately open and expand their platform structure.

3. How to check new suppliers.

The next step is to determine the appropriate technical partner, because you know that the ecosystem needs diversified services.

What else is better than crowdfunding to test new suppliers within the company? It can easily build a new supplier tracking system or similar tool Share the details of their suppliers or the suppliers they know. This tracking system can help you determine which suppliers can only be observed and which suppliers can actively track or even cooperate.

If you are in contact with the academic community, they can usually help you analyze the market and competitive products, and share with you the future trend, emerging technology and new suppliers of your industry. The incubator is not only another important source of insight, but also an innovative way to find technical suppliers in the market segment. Incubator and venture capital of specific industries will even be better because they have a deep understanding of your industry.

4. Recognize the disruptor.

When looking for innovative technology suppliers, there are two common errors, one is to find the company touting as the most innovative company, and the other is to choose the best products of the same kind. In their plan. None of these methods can bring you innovation you are looking for.

Selecting the best products is very suitable for internal IT, such as ERP or CRM, or any solution for customers, but when it involves value propositions and differentiation, you need to find another method. In this case, the best tools similar to products will become the basis for your ecosystem or industry cloud. Your core IP includes your own IP and an IP of an innovator with a unique relationship with you.

You can find the most innovative list on the Internet, which is usually based on public or media editors, and may eventually win because of their high reputation. Although they may be the leaders of the market, this does not guarantee that they can continue to innovate. If you really see the most innovative list, be sure to see their evaluation conditions and see if these conditions meet your understanding and expectations of innovation lte iot.

A better way is to find out who is subverting. Even a subverter has a life cycle, and they are likely to be challenged after 5-10 years. For example, we can see how WASABI subverts AWS in the field of cloud storage.

5. Create your industry cloud.

Back to the future vision and the ecosystem and industry cloud you imagine, you can now use this model as a framework to identify and position future partners for your ecosystem. You can find the best suppliers in basic services (such as cloud services, integration services and collaborative services), and then find professional partners. You can identify specific industry applications you want to push to the market.

This industry cloud method will help quickly start and accelerate your work, so that you can pay more attention to your organization's professional knowledge on the application layer and reduce the attention of internal circulation. It is also very flexible, so you can mix and match services in your industry cloud (that is, your technical partner), and create unique new applications for various customers and cases in the industry.

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