Points to note when using online electronic payment function

Points to note when using online electronic payment function

The online electronic payment function has the advantage of being more convenient and faster, which not only enhances the efficiency of transactions, but also reduces unnecessary troubles. However, when using this function, you still need to pay attention to security, otherwise there is a risk of information leakage. As long as you can control the following points, you can easily avoid all kinds of trouble, so that your electronic payment is more secure and reliable.

How to set password for online e-payment

Before using online e-payment, you should set up a password in advance. Some users use a password with all words or all English combinations for easy memory, but this form of password is not very secure. Before entering your password, make sure no one is nearby to avoid being taken advantage of by unscrupulous people.

Don't transfer money easily with online electronic payments

Compared to the previous model, it is now easier to transfer money using online electronic payment functions,online e payment so it is best to understand whether the other party's information is true and reliable before the transaction to avoid being cheated. Also don't click on links or QR codes that are not clear, because there may be a greater risk that the link may jump to a phishing site, which may cause loss of funds once poisoned.

Online electronic payment can only be used by yourself

There are often people who lend their accounts to people to pay or transfer money, in fact, this operation is quite dangerous, personal information is easy to leak, there will also be capital security risks. Even familiar friends should not do so. In short, electronic payment accounts are for your own use, not for external use.

Online electronic payment can set the transaction amount

For security reasons, users can set a maximum amount for online electronic payment transactions. Once the set amount is exceeded, the transaction will not be carried out normally, or further verification will be required for the transaction. The transaction amount can be set according to the actual situation, and the operation is flexible and will not affect the daily use.

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