What do I need to pay attention to in order to operate the ear temperature gun?


Do you know how to operate the ear temperature braun thermoscan ear thermometer gun? Ear temperature gun small size, easy to use, temperature measurement in the case of faster deviation is small, much loved by everyone, is a completely new addition to the medicine cabinet, the following I say to you the operation method of the ear temperature gun. Ear temperature gun operation method ear temperature gun detection basic principle ear temperature gun quasi-prohibition in the application of ear temperature gun, to need to pay attention to.
1. Make sure you have installed the new upgraded, neat headset set before applying.
2. Turn on the lock screen key and wait for the "READY" mark to occur.
3. Fix the top of the test subject's head, so that the side of the face side, so that the ears inside up.
4. Tighten the inside of the ear so that the ear hole is kept very straight. For babies under one year old, the inside of the ear is pulled backwards, while for babies and adults over one year old, the inside of the ear is pulled upwards.
5. Insert the camera into the ear hole and close it tightly to ensure accurate measurement of the proper ambient temperature of the ear drum.
6. Press the temperature measurement button, and the measurement will be completed after the beep.
7. Move the camera out of the ear hole, and the ambient temperature value is shown on the LCD screen.
8. When the "READY" mark does not flash again, the next accurate ear temperature measurement can be implemented.
How to operate the ear temperature gun

The basic principle of ear temperature gun detection

The working principle of the ear buy whatsminer m30s++temperature gun is actually scanning the ear drum after the formation of infrared induction environment temperature. After the thermogenic transmission of human body temperature, the infrared induction is also transmitted with it. According to the basic theory of black body radiation, the infrared sensing spectrometer formed by the substance with different ambient temperature is also different, and it is shown by using the temperature difference electric pile infrared sensing detector accurate to ℃ to measure the internal and external line spectrometer, and then transforming the reading value by microelectronic computer.
The ear temperature gun is a non-touch monitoring type of temperature measuring instrument, and it uses the infrared induction spectrometer sent from the ear drum (equivalent to the inferior optic mound) to determine the human body temperature.
Ear temperature gun is prohibited
Moms are very concerned about the physical and mental health of children, but also the most worried about the baby cold and fever, so in advance at home to prepare an ear temperature gun is very necessary. Ear temperature gun compared to mercury thermometer that is much more accurate, this is a development. However, if the ear temperature gun temperature measurement is more accurate, the process of the baby's mother in the baby temperature measurement is also very important.
Generally, when applying the ear temperature gun, it needs to be inserted into the ear canal channel of the little baby, the camera should be pointed at the ear drum inside the ear, and then the magnetic induction to the infrared induction released from the ear drum, the instrument equipment itself will then be converted into human body temperature and shown on the screen. Therefore, the ear temperature gun must be pointed at the ear drum to obtain the exact ambient temperature, if the skin of the ear hole to the skew to get the heat will be slightly lower.
Sometimes a special situation occurs with a small baby that does not cooperate with the temperature measurement, which can also cause a return error in the accurate measurement of the ear temperature gun.

In the application of the ear temperature gun, to need to pay attention to.

1. The human ear canal is not in plastic prototype a parallel line shape, but is somewhat in the shape of a "provided", so when applying the ear temperature gun, the ear wheel needs to be pulled upward towards the back, so that the ear hole can be in a parallel line shape, and the ear temperature gun is also easier to point to the ear drum for accurate measurement.
2. If the subject is lying on his or her side, the ear temperature pressed down will be very high, so it is necessary to measure the inside of both ears together.
3. The maintenance tape on the top of the ear temperature gun should be kept clean, otherwise it will also affect the detection value. In addition, the camera should be pointed at the ear drum inside the ear. If there is only a small amount of earwax, it does not matter. The key thing is that children should also prevent the application of ear temperature guns if they are suffering from otitis externa during the period.
There are some ear temperature guns that need to be adjusted before application, and the user must choose whether to use the anal temperature as the standard or the oral temperature as the standard.
5. For people who are not very familiar with the application of ear temperature gun, it is best to measure the human body temperature in the same ear three times, and then take the most continuous high temperature value.

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