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Credit card gateway provider is the right assistant for foreign trade merchants

Credit card gateway provider is the right assistant for foreign trade merchants

For merchants in the foreign trade industry, if they want to get more overseas customers, they must first deal with the payment problem. Most foreign countries and regions generally use credit cards as the main payment tool, if you can let each other in the online shopping credit card payment, customers will be more willing to trust this way, because after all, they are also familiar with. Therefore, for many foreign merchants, credit card gateway providers are their right hand.

How credit card gateway providers work

Credit card gateways are developed by third-party payment institutions and banks. Foreign merchants can choose to open this gateway with credit card gateway providers and then connect the gateway to the merchant's own shopping cart backend. When international customers make purchases online, they will enter the payment gateway interface when they click to pay for their orders.

Credit card gateway provider service activation requirements

What are the requirements for choosing a credit card gateway provider to start the service? In addition to providing the relevant information of the merchant, it is sufficient to submit the settlement account without providing a credit card. This is because the credit card payment channel only receives credit card transaction data from the customer, and the merchant provides the settlement account. It is equally easy to apply, and many third-party payment providers can now apply online, significantly shortening the threshold and time required to apply.

Credit card gateway providers are popular

With the impact of the new coronavirus epidemic, many industries have suffered a huge impact and expanding into different markets has become an important means of survival for many merchants. Credit card gateway providers can provide foreign merchants with a quick and easy way to expand into overseas markets, as credit card payment systems are very popular and secure abroad. In this case, credit card gateway providers can provide a familiar payment environment for overseas customers, which supports the creation of a good transaction experience and ultimately leads to more transactions.

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