Which one is stronger: forehead thermometer or mercury thermometer?

Which one is stronger: forehead thermometer or mercury thermometer?

In the spring of 2020, the unexpected new braun digital ear thermometer type of new crown virus of the new crown epidemic made protective masks, ethanol, disinfectant, infrared thermometer into a variety of denitration goods, everyone's daily life inadvertently more new habitual, such as: wear a mask when going out, pay attention to hand disinfection and daily temperature measurement. A variety of public places of access also set up a temporary post, by dedicated personnel to each staff into the body temperature, the body temperature is normal before you can enter.

At this stage, the infrared thermometer Avalonminer on the market are commonly used forehead thermometer, ear thermometer, mercury thermometer, in the end which one is stronger? The following I give you a specific analysis.

The human body temperature is one of the aluminum prototype key cardiac monitoring in response to the human body physiological situation. The human body temperature is endangered by the central nervous adjustment and disease, therefore, the measurement of body temperature has a key practical significance to confirm the diagnosis of disease. Based on whether the temperature measuring device is in direct contact with the body, the temperature measuring method is divided into 2 types of contact temperature measurement and non-contact temperature measurement. The forehead thermometer and ear thermometer are non-contact infrared thermometers, and the mercury thermometer is a contact infrared thermometer.

The basic principles and application methods of the three types of infrared thermometers Three kinds of infrared thermometer advantages and disadvantages PK .Clinical data show that: forehead, ears, under the armpit three locations of ambient temperature difference has clinical performance, can feel the axillary temperature > ear temperature > forehead temperature.

When the body temperature is normal, three kinds of infrared thermometer is measured standard value no significant difference, can use the forehead thermometer or ear temperature gun instead of the traditional type mercury thermometer, improve efficiency. But in the hot condition, the three infrared thermometer measured standard value has significant differences, the traditional mercury thermometer is the temperature measurement "gold standard", can not replace the traditional mercury thermometer with frontal thermometer or ear thermometer to prevent excessive deviation, therefore, the mercury thermometer is suitable for the body temperature monitoring of the hot group. Ear thermometer than the frontal thermometer more accurately reflect the human body temperature, and temperature measurement quickly, suitable for infants such as good movement, temperature measurement does not cooperate with the group. The actual operation of the forehead thermometer is convenient, without physical touch, suitable for large groups of human body temperature screening.
In general, there is no better infrared thermometer, please choose the most suitable infrared thermometer according to the actual situation.

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