3D injection molding process technology helps medical machinery production

3D injection molding process technology helps medical machinery production

Stratasys Ltd., a manufacturer hris software of 3D printing and manufacturing equipment, has collaborated with Worrell Design, a foreign design and product real estate company, to assist medical machine manufacturers in bringing their products to market quickly and at a cost savings of up to 70% based on the technicalities of the operational 3D injection molding process.

The quality level of the wireless noise cancelling earbuds mold makes a decision on the quality level of medical devices, which usually takes a lot of cost and time for the manufacturer. For this matter, foreign Worrell companies have developed a scientific solution by using Stratasys' PolyJet technology to complete the required mold smoothness, then adding the same raw materials to the mold concave mold using an internal structure injection molding machine, and finally shaping into a finished product.

Worrell recently approached medical device prototype a customer who had to manufacture a dual-flow needle blood collection system software to reduce the need for multiple inoculations, enhance patient comfort and improve the efficiency of hospital clinics.

According to Derek Mathers, Worrell's director of market development, "In certifying a series of 3D prototyping software performance tests, we only had to make a number of key engineering changes, print out a modified mold, and then operate the next day to form the part without investing a lot of capital in mold modification and production processing. If traditional technology is used, some application drawbacks will not be immediately apparent. With this technology, it is possible to guarantee the inspection and sterilization without using any special tools."

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