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The difference between the duration of the Hong Kong and Macao Permit

The difference between the duration of the Hong Kong and Macao Permit

To and from Hong Kong and Macao Permit best cloud mining validity period of 5 years. September 15, 2014, the full range of electronic devices to start the requirements of the Hong Kong and Macao Permit, the adult electronic devices to travel to and from Hong Kong and Macao Permit validity period increased to 10 years, for those who have not reached the age of 16 still audited 5 years reasonable pass card.

Visa validity period

Domestic households to Hong Kong cnc milling prototype and Macao endorsement is divided into six types, namely, individual travel (G), visiting friends and relatives (T), business reception (S), group travel (L), other (Q), stay (D) based on the application for reasons for categorization of visa review. In which Hong Kong G and L visas are available for a period of 3 months once, 3 months twice, 1 year once, and 1 year twice for four reasonable visas. The Macau visa is only available for 1 time in 3 months and 1 time in 1 year. The visa requires that each stay in Hong Kong or Macau should not exceed 7 days, and one entry and one exit is considered once.

Expression of visa validity period

For example, the visa validity working visa hong kong period of 1 year does not mean that you can only go there once in a year, but that the visa is valid for 1 year, and you can apply for the visa again after going back and forth to Macau and Hong Kong within 1 year, and there is no limit to the frequency of application. If you do not go within 1 year, the visa will expire and you can apply for it again.

New application
The initial application for the application must be submitted to the entry and exit management office of the household registration, the declaration materials are: identity documents and photocopies (printed on A4 paper, can be photocopied on the same paper) and fill out the "Chinese citizens entry and exit documents application form", 2 2-inch light bottom tone photo (can also be photographed on the spot, at their own expense), and at the same time each application for a visa to Hong Kong, Macao. If you are going to Hong Kong only, apply for a Hong Kong visa, if you are going to Macau only, apply for a Macau visa, if you are going to both Hong Kong and Macau, you will need to apply for visas for both places.

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