How to carry out the selection of an air purifier

How to carry out the selection of an air purifier
Air into the purifier is to let air purifier for pet odor the indoor unclean air by the body of a filter for filtration as well as twice, so that a variety of corporate dirt is cleaned or attached; after the negative ion mode generator can follow the air outlet, the air in a large number of use of negative ion electrolytic processing out; and finally blow out through the micro fan, into a clean negative ion airflow.

The air purifier becomes the new global payments credit card processing favorite in the season of serious haze. Air purifiers are not only the evolution of the good hand of smoke, but also the use of ordinary air to make the air cleaner. Air purifiers don't consume much energy to run smoothly and keeping it running is good for our health and well-being. So what about air purifiers? Let me help you.

Common models of air purifier body Nepia Whito organization inside is a micro fan (can also a called ventilator), it allows the indoor environment air for circular economy began to develop movement, unclean air through the body of the air quality filter two back after the filter will be a variety of household waste classification clean or attached, and then down their own fixed in the air outlet negative ion generator (operation of the negative ion change reaction), non-stop The air is ionized, which leads to a large number of negative ions are electrolytically processed out, and then blown out by the micro fan, into negative ion airflow, so that the Chinese air problem can become more need to clean and fresh.

1. the more consumers use branded products, the more popular and reputable the branded Air Evolver is, the better the quality of the branded products is guaranteed.
2. Depending on the size of your population, the size of your home, and the design of your home, choose the right air evolver for your home.
3. Household appliances need to dissipate heat in the process of use, and some will produce noise. In order not to affect the normal rest of the person, it is recommended to buy a low-noise air purifier.
4. choose to carry out radiation disinfection air evaporator to buy, if due to the family has an elderly or a child, then we have to fully consider whether the students their health development will be affected by the air evaporator, if the business is concerned about the harmful effects on the human body, buy a small radiation use.

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Are air purifiers good for your health?

the final result. According to research, air filtration can actually aid in the removal of dangerous indoor particles, particularly allergies, smoke, and mold. However, the most effective use of air purifiers is in combination with appropriate filtration and housekeeping methods.

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Do you put the air purifier on a table or the floor?

Your air purifier can better absorb air that is moving both vertically and horizontally if it is placed about three feet off the ground. However, any nearby walls, furniture, or other objects may obstruct this airflow, slowing the rate at which the device draws in and purifies the air.

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