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 hackers are exploiting the technology

Should I leave Bluetooth on all the time?

Essentially, keeping Bluetooth enabled on your phone at all times opens you up to 4g Bluetoothpotential hacks, abuse, and privacy violations. The solution is simple: Don't use it. Or, if you must, make sure to turn it off as soon as you've unpaired from the device in question.

Should you leave your Bluetooth on?

Bluetooth technology offers convenience - from hands-free phone calls to wireless 4g lte iotfile-sharing to playing music on a vehicle's speakers. But leaving your Bluetooth on all the time can be dangerous, and hackers are exploiting the technology to access private information, spread malicious software and more.

Why would I use Bluetooth?

Bluetooth is a wireless technology that uses a radio frequency to share data over a 4g volteshort distance, eliminating the need for wires. You can use Bluetooth on your mobile device to share documents or to connect with other Bluetooth-enabled devices.

Can Bluetooth work with WiFi?

How can Bluetooth interfere with WiFi ? Both WiFi and Bluetooth may work on the same, 2.4 GHz frequency. Bluetooth is designed to work on 2.4 GHz and also most popular WiFi routers (e.g. TL-WR845N which I have) are configured to broadcast their signal on the same frequency by default.

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