Why Engagement Is More Important Than ‘Likes’ In Social Media Marketing

 a post, but also commenting and sharing it.

We’ve been conditioned to believe that social media is about "likes" and what other people cnc technologyare saying about you online. But, in reality, more than 90% of consumers are unhappy with your brand's marketing efforts if they feel like they aren't connected to it on a personal level. So, when it comes to social media marketing, engagement is all that matters!

What is Engagement?

Engagement is the act of participating in a conversation. It is not only about liking orcustom cnc machining servicefollowing a post, but also commenting and sharing it.

Engagement is more important than likes because it shows that someone is really interested in what you have to say and that they are willing to take the time to read your content. It also shows that your content is resonating with your audience, which can encourage them to continue reading and sharing your content.

When you invest time and effort into creating engaging content, you’re building relationships with your audience that can last long beyond just social media marketing.

Boosting Engagement

Social media is all about engaging your audience and creating a connection with them. While likes are still important, they don’t always equate to engagement. Engagement is when an individual takes an action, such as clicking on a link or leaving a comment, that shows they are interested in what you have to say. This can be measured by the number of times your content is shared, commented on, or liked. In order to increase engagement on your social media posts, make sure to focus on providing valuable content that is relevant to your audience. Additionally, make sure to create compelling visuals and use engaging language that will keep readers engaged. By doing these three things, you can boost your engagement rates and reach new audiences.

How to Find a good Social Media Marketing Agency

Engagement is more important than likes in social media marketing.

Likes are great, but they don’t tell the whole story when it comes to social media engagement. A study bycnc cutting service SocialBakers found that only 22 percent of content shared on social media is actually liked. In other words, a majority of content is not engaging with users. This is where engagement comes into play. Engagement means that users are taking action- either liking, sharing, or commenting on your content. This type of engagement is key because it shows that you’re resonating with your audience and that you’re providing value.

If you want to be successful with social media marketing, make sure you focus on engagement first and then worry about likes later.


Engagement is more important than ‘likes’ when it comes to social media marketing.

Engagement can be defined as the degree to which a user interacts with your content. This could involve anything from clicking on links, leaving comments, or subscribing to your blog posts.

‘Likes’ are simply a way of measuring how popular your content is – they don’t necessarily mean that the user has taken any action on what you have posted. For example, if you post an article entitled “5 Tips for Writing Effective Blog Posts” and receive 10 ‘likes’, that doesn’t mean that anyone has actually read and understood the tips!

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