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Vacuum cleaners are better at cleaning the air in your home because they do not generate dust.

Dust rises inside your home every time you clean, especially on a sunny best vacuum for deep cleaning carpetday, even if you clean it regularly. When we clean, it is very easy to raise dust. Raising dust is a big problem because it pollutes the air at home, especially in families with children, by being inhaled by the body and then entering the lungs and blood. However, vacuuming will effectively eliminate this problem.

In general, vacuum cleaners have several layers of filtration system; after inhaling the dust, the filtration system discards the dust and garbage in the dust bin, and clean air is discharged from the vacuum cleaner's tail. The Pulsatilla handheld vacuum cleaner I9 stainless steel filter has 12,999 0.25MM filter holes that can effectively filter very fine dust, and the tail is filtered with HEPA (HEPA), which has a filtration efficiency of 99.97%, can firmly lock the dust, and does not cause secondary pollution.

The vacuum cleaner is simple to operate.

The vacuum cleaner is simple to operate by flicking the switch, allowing its brush head to touch every area of your home that requires plotting, then removing the dust bin and dumping the trash inside, and it's done.

Of course, vacuum cleaners have more convenient designs as a cleaning machine. For example, Pusanik's handheld vacuum cleaner is equipped with an intelligent dust recognition system, which can detect the dust environment based on intelligent detection of the dust situation, independent adjustment of suction power to suck out the dust, so that users can free their eyes, not the naked eye, to observe the amount of environmental dust, and then adjust the suction power.

Furthermore, so the installation and dusting are button-type operations, easy to take and easy to install, but also a key to dust. The dust bucket can be washed directly with water, making it simple to use even for the elderly at home.

The most important thing is that vacuum cleaners are becoming more popular, and the performance of vacuum cleaners under 3,000 yuan is also very good, such as this Pusanic I9 handheld vacuum cleaner, which arrived at a price of only 1,299 yuan, but the sense of use does not fall short of the big names.

Why not bring a good and affordable vacuum cleaner into the home, not only to reduce the burden of cleaning work at home, but also to achieve higher cleaning efficiency than traditional cleaning tools?

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