How can I buy clothes that are both comfortable and safe for my children? Everything is completed once you learn to read the tag


How should parents choose qualified products for their children cleaning mop manufacturerwhen shopping for clothing? Parents, don't be concerned; just learn to read the tag and everything will be fine.

Whether or not to meet safety requirements

Since June 1, 2018, China has been implementing the first mandatoryMoschino Kids HK national standards for children's clothing safety. This standard applies to the sale of textile products for children aged 0 to 14 years old wearing and using in China, requiring each manufacturer to list the details of their own goods on the hangtag, which is why parents learn to see the reason for the hangtag, first and foremost, infant and toddler products must be marked on the Hangtags, after p Parents can rest assured that their child's clothing meets safety standards.

Cotton texture intimate clothing selection

Cotton fabric clothes are the most suitable for the baby to wear because whisky coursethey have good breathability, moisture absorption, heat resistance, relative hygiene, and other characteristics. Of course, cotton clothes are relatively cheap, and the baby is more mobile, cotton clothes wear resistance is also stronger than linen clothes. Many parents are perplexed because the tag indicates the cotton content, but how much cotton content is considered pure cotton? In fact, as long as the cotton content of clothing is more than 95% even cotton, parents can accurately distinguish whether the clothing is pure cotton, but if the tag does not mark the amount of cotton, then parents can use a more direct burning method to determine, that is, cut a line on the child's clothes and then lit to determine, if lit after no black smoke generated, and Ashes are gra When the best choice of cotton clothes, the baby wears comfortable, and the parents buy confidently, parents choose children's intimate apparel.

So, how about your loved ones? How do your parents usually shop for their children's clothes? Everyone should share it right away!

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