How to drink whisky with professional flavor?

How to drink whisky with professional flavor?

1. The glass

The shape of the glass can make a difference in the taste of the wine. Whiskey glass named "Snifter", the glass shape is somewhat like a wine glass, but the stem is shorter, the belly is larger, the mouth is narrower. This shape helps to shake the glass sufficiently and to concentrate the aroma at the mouth. Whiskey distilleries or restaurants will generally provide the correct glass. However, if you are drinking whiskeywhisky course at home and do not have a special glass, you can temporarily use a wine glass instead.

2. Aroma tasting

Unlike wine tasting, when sniffing the aroma of whiskey, you do not need to stick your nose into the mouth of the glass, because the whiskey is high in alcohol, the nose into the mouth of the glass will be inhaled evaporated ethanol, and let people have a momentary dizzy feeling. The correct way is to gently shake the glass, and then sniff at the top of the glass. After shaking the glass, check the rate at which the whisky flows down the wall of the glass. The slower the flow rate, the more viscous the whisky. Observe the color of the liquor, is it light golden or dark brown? This is an indicator of the age of the whisky, the darker the color of the whisky is likely to be more aged.

When sniffing, there is no need to deliberately look for any kind of aroma. If you had a chocolate cake in front of you, would you try to find out which aroma to look for? Probably not. You are more used to experiencing the aroma as a matter of course. In addition, the human olfactory organ has a memory function and is more likely to detect scents that it knows. Therefore, if you are tasting whisky with a group of people, don't be afraid to smell different aromas from others, and don't be influenced by others, and don't be afraid to smell several times, remember that each time you smell whisky will have a different feeling.

3. Taste

When tasting, you can start with a small sip, roll your tongue into an "O" shape, and then breathe into your mouth. Then let the whisky roll in the mouth, with different parts of the mouth to experience it, this action is somewhat like gargling. Newcomers may feel nauseous at this point, because they are not suited to the strong taste of whiskey. Don't be afraid to try a few more times to see what we can experience other than ethanol. Then you can swallow or spit out the liquor and feel whether the aftertaste is longcarpet and hard floor steam cleaner or short, pleasant or unpleasant?

4. watered down

Perhaps you have been told before, do not mix water when drinking whiskey. But here we say, it is not so. The reason is that a little water in the whisky can open up the aroma in the liquid and enhance the taste level. Why not try mixing the whisky with water and then tasting it again. It should be noted that the amount of water should be appropriate, but if a whisky is good enough, even if the water is too much, it will not spoil the taste.

5. Note

When tasting whisky, remember to slowKids21 down. Remember to drink some water when drinking the same whisky several times or when trying a different one. Don't be afraid to record your true experience. Do not let the people around you influence your taste too much.

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