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And the versatility

Isn't the home of the children impatient ah, can't wait to take off theKids21 thick winter clothes, put on light spring clothes, and then go to feel the arrival of spring?

Now the weather is alternately hot and cold, as well as windy. So, evenbest wet and dry vacuum cleaner for car though it is spring, babies in the north should take precautions to stay warm and avoid catching a cold. In this rosy season ideal for kite flying, flower viewing, and trekking, how can you outfit your baby in more appropriate spring attire? Here, it is my responsibility to share with you, look at the children's clothing to wear the skills

color touch

Color clash is one of the most fundamental principles of clothing collocation, and it is simple to learn and apply in order to wear a good match. And the versatility of white and other dark colors is the key to understanding the color touching wear, and shoes should echo the color of clothing. Oh.

same color

The same color system is one of the basic principles of dressing,sake course similar to touch color wear, but the same color should be noted is not the whole body is a color, but warm or cold color series, such as white + pink, beige + gray, or light blue + gray, etc. In the spring, wear light color series, take the sweet and bright style, and shoes with dark colors.

polka dots

Polka dots are one of the most common elements on clothing, clothing with polka dots is like a baby comes with a cute aura, boing boing cute straight bubble, but need to pay attention to, other clothing is best to static surface, and color distinction, so as to reflect the fashion and cute characteristics of polka dots.


Denim never seems to go out of style, and spring clothing in the less what can be less denim ah! In the spring, denim is both versatile and fashionable, and can simply be called "with clothes model," denim represents freedom and spontaneity, and how can a baby's childhood lack this attitude? The most important aspect is that denim is extremely versatile. Oh ~


Stripes are the most prominent personality of the clothing elements; wearing stripes will not consciously enhance several degrees, but different stripes will always bring different feelings, such as equal width, the same density of stripes will give a sense of sunshine casual, vertical stripes will give a very hip feeling, and the width of different stripes will give a sense of fashion.

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