Do you know all of the vacuum cleaner's cleaning functions?

soapy water

Cleaning the outside

In fact, cleaning the appearance is relatively simple; generally, you only need to vacuum cleaner for carpet and sofawipe it with a soft cloth dipped in soapy water, but never use organic solvents, gasoline, or benzene to avoid the appearance of plastic cracking, fading, or paint loss, and, of course, you cannot clean it with wire balls or other hard objects to avoid causing damage to the body.

Cleaning of the filter;

Cleaning procedures are as follows: 1. Begin by rinsing and patting the Kenzo Kidswearfilter with tap water. 2. Air dry or dry the filter, taking care not to bake it to avoid deformation caused by high temperatures. It is important to note that the filter should not be washed in a washing machine and should not be dried with a hair dryer.

odor elimination;

The most irritating aspect of using a vacuum cleaner is the hotgreen test and smelly odor from the exhaust port. Dip a cotton in lemon juice and place it in the dirt canister of the vacuum cleaner before using it, so that when you vacuum again with this "spiked" vacuum cleaner, the room will not only be free of odors, but will also have a light lemon scent.

Cleaning of dust bags;

Empty the bag of dust and debris, then wash it with detergent and water before drying it in the sun. If you put it in the vacuum cleaner without drying it, the bag will be dirty the next time it is vacuumed. Check the filter and the bag for damage after each cleaning. If damage or a rupture is discovered, it should be repaired or replaced as soon as possible so that dust and dirt do not enter the fan and motor, causing impeller blade damage and motor insulation damage, even if the armature is stuck and the motor is burned.

Have you learned today's trivia, friends?

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