Marriage to the cold period, need to do these five things to save your marriage

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Marriage is more bland compared to love, from the honeyed oil when you first enterremote vibrating the marriage, slowly will gradually fade. When the marriage enters a cold period, from the beginning of the wordless to later nothing to say, this is a very dangerous signal. This time you need to do these five things to save your marriage.

First: create common topics

Both men and women, when looking for a marriage partner, in fact, do not need remote vibratingeach other how handsome or how beautiful, as long as the two people look past it, but must be able to talk to a piece, only two people together with endless topics, is the premise that two people can work together for life.

Marriage to the cold period, we need to do the first point is to create a remote vibratingcommon topic. So how to create common topics? In fact, it is very simple, if you have children, children is the best topic, in addition to some of your hobbies, you can share their work, life, you can talk about some of the current hot topics, entertainment information, etc., it is best to both sides like the topic.

Second: have something in common to do

The so-called common things, is two people together to participate in remote vibratingthings, maybe a very simple little thing, maybe more complex and tedious things, in short, in the process of two people together, can make in the cold period of this special stage you, and constantly improve each other's feelings.

You can go for a walk together, go on a trip together, or make a remote vibratingdinner together, he washed the dishes to your cooking. Of course, if you have a common hobby that can be done together, even if it is to play a game together, or together with the cultivation of flowers, green plants, can also go fishing together. Two people together to complete the process, your feelings will be deepened.

Third: gifts as a spice

Many people often create romance and send each other gifts during the remote vibratingrelationship, but after the marriage, they no longer send gifts. Some are because the economic power in the hands of women after marriage, what women want can go buy; some feel married to life efforts, can no longer spend money like in love.

Otherwise, the dull marriage more need gifts to spice up, it does not need to have more expensive, also does not need to have more fancy, the main thing is the heart. Especially in the cold period of the marriage, a small gift on behalf of the other side of a heart, indicating that the other side wants to save your "sick" marriage, want to regain the once you.

Fourth: some physical contact

The physical contact mentioned here refers to a hug, a hand holding, a good morning kiss, an arm and so on. Physical contact is a necessary means and way to promote feelings, just like two good friends who have not seen each other for a long time, after meeting a handshake or a hug, far more profound than the verbal expression of longing.

Marriage cold period, the original two people's feelings are very weak, if you do not take some rescue measures, then eventually will only make the two people's feelings more and more faint, until dissipation. So this period, more should create some physical contact, hold hands when crossing the road, back from a business trip to give a hug and so on, these seemingly small gestures, are the catalyst for your feelings back to temperature.

Fifth: to have positive feedback

What is positive feedback? Simply put, it means some positive, positive words. The sweet words of love are positive feedback, and the words spoken will always make people feel happy. After marriage, in the ordinary life, you will always see the person's shortcomings, and the words will not be positive.

Especially in the cold period of marriage, it is easier to give negative feedback, so this time must control their mouths, say more things that make people happy to hear, or say something neutral, that is, do not do things that cause mood swings and do not say negative feedback. This is the most important of the five things, because even if the first four are done well, but always end up causing arguments, will only make the relationship worse and worse.

Marriage to the cold period, want to save to pay action and effort, of course, it is not that the above five things must be done, for example, two people do not have common interests, there is no need to force to do something together; and for example, the other party does not like gifts, feel that it is a waste of money, you can also not send. But to choose from these five things to suit yourself, at least the other three points can be applied to anyone.

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