Non-greasy dishcloth, brush pots and pans in one piece.

Non-greasy dishcloth, brush pots and pans in one piece.

How hard life is, how painful it is to wash the dishes, the big frying pan that can't be cleaned even after 3 times, the old dirt that can't be brushed down even with all your strength. Every time you have to use a lot of detergent, time-consuming, labour-intensive, water-consuming and expensive! And there is always an odorous dishcloth sponges & scouring padsin every kitchen that is always sticky and greasy, hairy when you touch it, and it is still mouldy and smelly when you wash it every day and change it every month.

Selected materials, soft touch

A good dishcloth its material is especially important, like this dishcloth it is made of plant fibre material, soft touch, can be used with confidence. And it is easy to clean, stained with oil, wash with water. The grease on it is not easy to adhere to, a flush clean, not easy to mildew, no smell, white as new.

Oleophobic structure removes stains easily

This dishcloth can be used both wet and dry, stain removal is not afraid of oil cleaning a "cloth" in place. And it is encrypted mesh design, water-absorbent and oleophobic, easy to clean and fast drying is not easy to mildew, a small amount of detergent can be strong decontamination, fast adsorption of oil, soft and durable. It is highlyeco washing up spongeabsorbent, soft in water, wipe is not easy to leave traces, does not hurt the surface of the utensils.

Kitchen problems, a "cloth" solution

This is a dishcloth that is even better than a dishwasher! Its fabric is also very soft, do not have to worry about the bottom of the frying pan or rice cooker to cause damage. With it, thick grease stains on the bottom of the pan, sticky grease stains on the stovetop, and leftover residue in the bowl will be cleaned with a gentle wipe! The blacknatural luffatechnology dish towel is eco-friendly, healthy, lint-free, oil-free, and non-staining. Keep two for your own home!

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