First experience of Baseus Super Energy Pro car emergency power supply

First experience of Baseus Super Energy Pro car emergency power supply

With the advent of winter, Ergou, who likes subways and bikes to travel on weekdays, also increases the frequency of driving out. In winter, cars are more likely to fail to catch fire, most of which are caused by battery loss. Generally, you can arrange insurance or 4S shop replacement in the urban area, but you need to rely on yourself more often if you are in the outer suburbs or traveling. Self-prepared emergency power supply is a good way, it is not expensive, and you can solve problems anytime and anywhere by yourself, even if you can't get the power or call for rescue in remote locations, it is more practical.

Recent started with Baseus Super Energy Pro car emergency starting power supply, simply share the product experience.

The outer packaging is not too big, but the overall packaging is more exquisite, and the design style is simple and simple. On the front, you can see the product rendering of the emergency power supply and the Baseus brand logo in the upper left corner.


The back continues the uniform and simple style of the product packaging, which mainly includes product parameters and production information. The starting voltage is 12V and the starting current is 600A, which can meet the requirements of gasoline vehicles under 6.0L and diesel vehicles under 3.5L. In addition to being used as a car emergency power supply, it supports Type C 5V3A+USB 5V2.4A output, which can meet the charging needs of mobile phones and other digital devices.


The family portrait here, the emergency power supply is not too big. In addition to the emergency power supply, a smart ignition clip, USB charging data cable and manual are included. Unfortunately, there is no storage bag.


With a weight of 470g and a small size design, it can be easily taken with one hand. It occupies a small space, prevents saving space in the car, and is more convenient to store.

Baseus's emergency power supply is available in black and red. The design of the body is relatively simple, and the front side uses the skill book baking paint process, which is more comfortable to touch, and it is not easy to leave scratches after rubbing. The combination of plastic and metal is used in the material, which is relatively more scratch-resistant and dirt-resistant. The eye-catching screen display can be seen on the front, which can conveniently display the working status and remaining battery information.


The detailed parameters of the product can be seen on the back of the emergency power supply. The emergency power supply is small, but the materials used are still very solid. The internal design uses 4 3000mAh batteries in series. The advantage of the four-string design adopted by Baseus over the three-string solution of ordinary products is that the same starting current can achieve smaller capacity, large-displacement cars can also be easily started, and the product can also be made more compact and portable


The interfaces are designed on the top of the emergency power supply, and the interfaces are protected by silica gel to prevent the interfaces from being exposed for a long time. The interface includes an EC5 interface for emergency power supply of the car. A USB 5V2.4A output interface for powering external devices. One by one Type C 5V3A input/output bidirectional interface, used to charge emergency power and supply power to external devices. It is also obvious from the interface design that this emergency power supply from Baseus also has the function of a power bank in addition to supporting the emergency power supply function.

There is an emergency light at the bottom of the emergency power supply, which can be used as some lighting for convenient use in dark scenes. The operation method is also relatively simple, long press the switch button to turn it on, and short press the switch button after turning on the emergency light to adjust the emergency light working mode.


The overall workmanship of the intelligent ignition clip is good, and the long and short line asymmetric design is adopted, and the overall workmanship and materials are good. Red is positive and black is negative. The eye-catching design can facilitate identification. The copper clip has been thickened and optimized for the harsh conditions of high temperature and severe cold. The overall workmanship of the ignition frame is good, and the interface part is designed to be fool-proof. If the direction is wrong, the connection cannot be made correctly.


The A2C charging cable is included, which is more versatile. It is more convenient to supply power to the car power supply when used with a car charger or a normal USB port charger. The 5V3A charging speed is also a good balance between charging speed and safety, and the capacity of 12000mAh is enough for ordinary cars to start 50 times.


Baseus's emergency power supply has a starting current of up to 600A and a peak current of 1000A, making it easy to start the car. Many friends who have experienced emergency power will always worry about the problem of not using it for a long time and running out of power. Baseus has made targeted optimizations with large-capacity batteries and low-power current design solutions. When fully charged, 85% of the power can be guaranteed for one year of standby. With the digital display of the fuselage, it is easy to understand the remaining power of the emergency power supply.

The actual charging operation is still very simple, first connect the smart ignition clip to the emergency power supply. The interface between the smart ignition clip and the emergency power supply adopts a fool-proof design. You can insert it according to the shape of the interface, and the operation error can not be inserted normally. The design is still very user-friendly. After normal connection, red and blue flashing prompts will appear alternately.


Find the car battery, and clip the smart clip to the car battery, that is, the positive electrode of the ignition clip corresponds to the positive electrode of the battery, and the negative electrode of the ignition clip corresponds to the negative electrode of the battery.


Start the car and the ignition is normal. The emergency power supply needs to be removed as soon as the startup is complete. The whole operation is still very simple, without any difficulty. Coping with emergencies can be easily handled by one person.


In addition to serving as an emergency power supply for cars, Baseus emergency power supply can also serve as a power bank for various digital equipment. Support USB-C 15W and USB-A 12W dual interface output, it is very convenient to meet the power supply of portable equipment.


Baseus Super Energy Pro Auto Emergency Starter has a very high price-performance ratio in its early years. It is very convenient to deal with the sudden shortage of car batteries. Especially for temporary failures in remote locations, road rescue and powering are troublesome, and the cost is not cheap. It is still necessary to prepare such an emergency power supply. Give yourself more protection for your trip, and it is recommended to use this for emergency rescue.

I’m Ergou, this sharing is over here, see you next time.

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