How to brew coffee? Click to receive the next coffee brewing strategy

How to brew coffee? Click to receive the next coffee brewing strategy

1、Instant coffee

Instant coffee does not require any special attention to the method, instant coffee powder will be poured into the cup, add the right amount of coffee powder and mix. Instant coffee is considered to be the initiation teacher in coffee, many people began to contact the coffee precisely because of instant coffee. One of its greatest features is the speed and convenience. In daily life, I often see some people drink instant coffee wireless vacuum cleaner manufacturer in order to stay up late. There are some people in order to achieve a 100% refreshing effect, and even directly pour instant coffee powder into the mouth, directly drinking water and swallowing ... However, because instant coffee in the manufacturing process, the original taste of coffee is almost destroyed, and also added a lot of additives and flavors. It can be said that only drink instant coffee people, is not fully exposed to coffee.

2, coffee cooked beans

Coffee cooked beans, that is, after roasting directly after the packaging of formed coffee beans. It gives off a unique natural coffee mellow aroma. The packaging of cooked coffee beans is very important, must be sealed and stored. After roasting and packaging, it should not be exposed to air unless it is to be used for grinding and brewing, which will accelerate the deterioration of the coffee beans and make its quality lower. Therefore, you should drink the coffee as soon as possible after buying the coffee beans. Coffee beans ground out of the coffee powder and difficult to dissolve in water, so the direct method of brewing with boiling water is wrong, this method will be more bitter coffee beans in the brown ingredients also extracted, and thus destroy the taste of coffee. Coffee brewing, in fact, is a kind of extraction, rather than a simple melting, need professional coffee extraction equipment to complete, such as hand brewing pot, French press pot, etc.. Therefore, the process of brewing with cooked coffee beans is more complicated and can generally only be enjoyed in a coffee shop. But why would anyone apply coffee cooked beans? In fact, brewing coffee with cooked coffee beans is a more enjoyable process: using a hand-ground coffee machine to slowly grind the cooked coffee beans into fine particles, after a series of professional operations, to taste their own personally ground coffee, quite a novelty.

3、Hanging ear coffee

Hanging ear coffee packaging is the day's own creativity, it is actually a filter bag, the contents are already ground coffee beans particles, filter bag outside of two small pieces of paper, can be placed on the mouth of the cup, like two small ears, hence the name "hanging ear coffee". Compared to instant coffee, it does not use any additives and flavors, but is directly ground from the coffee beans, retaining the original strong flavor of coffee; compared to cooked coffee beans, it is more time-saving, in the office, atcoffee capsule home, who can brew a cup of mellow coffee. Ear coffee does not need the grinding process of brewing cooked coffee beans and the assembly process of brewing equipment, and ear coffee is individually packaged, so it will not cause deterioration of the coffee when it is consumed. When brewing, simply hang the lug coffee bag on the mouth of the cup and slowly pour in the boiling water. When pouring hot water, do not submerge the bag, the amount of water to close to the full pour is appropriate. Generally after two minutes of time, a cup of coffee is finished.

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