Why is there a price difference between point-reading pens and point-reading pen recommendations

Why is there a price difference between point-reading pens and point-reading pen recommendations

When this tool first appeared, many people have the misunderstanding that as long as the pen is placed casually on a book, it can be read by itself, but in fact it is not so, if there is no relevant introduction and pen recommendation, then it is easy to make a joke, in addition, there are many brands of pen on the market now, and the difference between brands is also very big, so why is there a difference?

The difference between the recommended point-reading pens: function

One of the differences between point-reading pens is their function, but also the cost of production, the main working principle of the point-reading pen, one is the image recognition, and another is the digital voice, if the point-reading pen recommended in the point-reading pen speaker is better, then the sound quality is better when the point-reading hit. With the sound of the machine and the voice of a famous artist, the children will certainly sound different feelings.

Reading pens recommended differences: supporting

Point-and-shoot pen and their supporting books, generally speaking, point-and-shoot pen recommended higher price point-and-shoot pen, then its supporting books are mostly genuine books, or picture books. Of course, there are some story books, science books, etc., are also similar. These often cause the difference between point-and-shoot pens.

Recommended differences between point-and-shoot pens: memory

The memory of the point reading pen is the third reason for the difference between them, and cell phones and other electronic devices, point reading pen also requires memory, but the larger the memory of the point reading pen, point reading pen recommended list of prices are generally higher, if the point reading pen memory is not enough, then when the children finish learning a book, you need to delete the previous download, and then download again, relatively This is a waste of time and energy.

Of course, there are also point-and-shoot pens on the list of recommended point-and-shoot pens, which can be downloaded automatically, so parents can clearly understand the learning situation of their children, which is very convenient. Therefore, when choosing a point-and-shoot pen, according to their own budget, choose the one with the highest cost performance ratio is better.